Will My RV Antenna Work With A Digital TV?

Will My RV Antenna Work With A Digital TV

With an RV antenna you can tune in to your favourite TV channels and shows without paying cable companies just to watch local stations, and with RV HDTV antennas you can watch TV channels at no extra cost. This has also brought about the question of “will my RV antenna work with a digital TV?”, given the fact that digital TVs have taken over from the traditional analog TVs. Below is the analysis on whether to use an old-style antenna on a new flat-screen TV. 

The simplest answer is Yes, RV antenna work with a digital TV, but the perception that every technology is now modern or gone digital so should everything else like the case of RV antenna and digital TV, this does not mean everything old should be obsolete. This is not true, you can use your old antenna with the new flat-screen TV like the old-style batwing antenna. The old digital antenna has only on and off functions, while the analog can be tuned a little bit, this is what you should be careful with when using a digital signal, you might want to think of adding an extender like the wingman extender by Winegard just to widen the distance and strength of your antenna. 

How can I boost my digital TV signal in my RV?

If you are looking to boost your digital TV signal in your RV, then you should use a Winegard TV antenna Booster, this digital TV antenna can boost your TV signal and increase TV channels, all it needs is an outdoor TV antenna. 

There are also a few points you should note about RV antenna:

  1. You will need a TV antenna to increase the TV channels like picking up HD signals using either indoor and outdoor Rv TV antennas. The outdoor RV antenna is placed on the roof and needs to be raised while on standstill or lowered while in motion. But some of them now come in an aerodynamic design that does not require to either be raised or lowered.
  2. These RV antennas are made using plastic and aluminum which can easily be snapped if proper care is not taking.
  3. Because they are usually outside, they pick up signals and channels quite easily.
  4. Indoor antennas tend to have less signal than outdoor antennas, but they are easier to be repositioned.
  5. Regardless of the type of TV antenna you are buying, either new or used RV antenna for digital TV, use the HD antennas, this will help you receive HD channels as most stations now put out only HD signals. You can easily buy an HD RV antenna for digital TV on Amazon.
  6. As mentioned already, if your existing TV antenna is not pulling good or enough TV signals, a TV antenna booster can be an option for you as doing so help the TV receive more channels.
  7. To find the nearest TV stations and the distance from your location, use online services like antennaweb.org, which also tells you the direction the antenna should be pointed.
  8. For satellite TV, you need a Dome antenna that is designed to receive satellite signals which will probably cost more due to monthly subscriptions.
  9. If you’re looking to boost FM signal, using an RV FM antenna will help boost the radio reception in your RV.

What type of antenna is needed for digital TV?

The type of antenna that is needed for digital TV signal from most of the stations is an antenna that can receive both UHF and VHF channels. Most of the antennas available can only get reception from either VHF or UHF channels, even most of these HDTV antennas are good at receiving UHF signal and less effective for VHF channels. The best way to buy the right antenna is to check with both the seller and the manufacturer’s website to make sure it has VHF and UHF reception.  

How do I connect my digital antenna to my TV?

To connect the digital antenna to a TV you will first connect the antenna coaxial cable to the Antenna In jack which is on the back of the digital box, then use the second coaxial cable and connect it to the Out TV on the digital box to your antenna at the back of the TV. After you have done this, you need to set the TV as directed on the back of the digital device.

What can interfere with digital TV signals?

Few things can interfere with the digital TV signal in the home of RV, things like sewing machines, hairdryers, doorbell transformers, light switches, smartphone charges, electric drills, cloth dryers, power supplies, washing machines, LED light, computer devices, and fluorescent lights. This interference occurs when unwanted radio frequency signals start to disrupt your TV reception causing loss of signal, sound quality, and picture production.

Does aluminum foil boost the antenna signal?

Aluminum foil can boost antenna signal by increasing the conductivity of the antenna and increasing the surface area to boost the signal of the television. You will need to wrap the TV antenna with tin foil to increase both the surface area and conductivity.

How can I make my TV signal stronger?

There are different ways to make your TV signal stronger and improve weak TV signal which includes:

  • Installing aerial outside of your home on the highest point like the chimneys to avoid interference from trees and a nearby building.
  • Installing the Arial higher up to gain more signal which can be above the chimneys.
  • Installing a higher gain TV aerial if you live in an area with a weak signal of sharing TV signal from one aerial.
  • By re-aligning the TV aerial which can be done by a professional, aerial alignment need to be accurate to perform well especially if you are using a higher gain TV aerial.
  • Installing a masthead amplifier close to the aerial to help boost the signal, masthead amplifiers are used to recover signal loss due to splitting signals within different televisions.
  • Installing distribution amplifiers instead of signal splitters, distribution amplifiers that have multiple outputs connected to different TVs will improve the signal strength and reduce signal loss.
  • Avoiding obstruction while positioning the aerial either higher up or at a lower spot in your home to avoid obstructions, this could be why your digital antenna is not picking up channels?

Why is my digital antenna not picking up channels?

There are several reasons why a digital antenna is not picking up channels which could be due to a compromised cable, corrosion, or loose cable fittings, all these have some effects on a digital antenna, also if you are using a splitter, a splitter can weaken the signal strength, instead use a distribution amplifier.

How do you know if your TV has a built-in digital tuner?

The easiest way to know if a TV has a built-in digital turner is to check the sticker that is either in front or at the back of the TV which will state Digital Turner Built-In, or HDTV, DTV, ATSC, Digital Receiver, or and Integrated Digital Tuner on the sticker.

Can WiFi interfere with TV signal?

The only reason a WiFi can interfere with a TV signal is if the TV antenna is very close or beside the WiFi transmitter, but it’s most unlikely for WiFi to interfere with the TV signal. 

Why does my TV antenna work better when I touch it?

There are few reasons why your TV antenna can improve or work better when you touch it, toughing the driven element can alter the impedance and resonant frequency of the antenna, and once the impedance changes it creates more energy which is transferred to the TV and improve or make the signal much better. If the antenna is at the desired frequency, touch can make it more resonant or if it changes to the pattern and gain at desired direction will improve reception. 

Another reason for the TV antenna to improve by touching is because by grabbing the aerial you are increasing the aerial size using your body conducting electrolytes. This also improves the pick-up and resonating of the circuit which then produces more signal for the TV by touching the antenna, and also the tighter of a firm grip you have on the aerial, the conductivity will also improve especially if you have wet hands. 

Does weather affect digital TV reception?

Certain types of weather can affect digital TV reception but not as bad as it does to analog, some bad weather conditions such as high winds and storms can have direct effects on digital TV reception causing fluctuations and impediments on the TV signal.

Do smart TVs have built-in digital antennas?

Smart TVs do not have built-in digital antennas for free-to-air channels, instead, they do have built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity which it uses for most internet connections. But you can buy external antennas like the HDTV antenna for digital signals.


The answer is Yes, RV antenna work with a digital TV, you can also still use your old antenna with the new flat-screen TV. You will also need a TV antenna to increase the TV channels either the indoor or outdoor RV TV antenna to pick up HD signals. These RV antennas are made using plastic and aluminium which can easily snap, and because they are usually outside, they pick up signals and channels quite easily. Using HD antenna will help you receive HD channels because most station now put out only HD signals. If your TV antenna is not pulling good or enough TV signals, a TV antenna booster can be an option, if you are using satellite TV, you need Dome antenna to receive satellite signals.

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