The Complete Guide to Why Your Samsung Battery Icon Has a Red X and How to Fix It

Why Your Samsung Battery Icon Has a Red X

Most of us do not realize that a simple change of charging cable could result in small issues. Unfortunately, the Samsung tablet isn’t different, and these are some of the reasons why your Samsung battery icon has a red X. This article will discuss the red X issue and how to fix it. 

The common reason why the Samsung battery icon displays a red x on the phone and a red x on the Galaxy Tab is that they are not getting enough power. Either because you are using the wrong charging cable or you are charging your computer or laptop.

If your Samsung tablet isn’t charging completely, you should contact Samsung support. Additionally, if the battery icon displays a red X when the computer is plugged in, this remedy should be effective for you. This is very important to consider if you’re using an inexpensive charger or wall socket that you picked up elsewhere. 

You’re probably familiar with the ones that attach to the end of a USB cable and screw into the wall. It generally works, so you don’t think twice about using it, but suddenly you’re having trouble with it.

Please double-check that you are not attempting to charge the battery with a USB cable attached to your computer or laptop.

It is not feasible to charge the Galaxy Tab by connecting it to a computer thru a USB cable.

When the device is linked to a computer thru a USB cable, the battery symbol will display as a “red cross” on the screen. If this is the case, please use the main charger that came with your smartphone or tablet instead.

What does the Red X Mean on a Samsung Battery Icon?

This red x means that the device is not charging; that’s why the not-charging icon on a cell phone battery symbol. Using the USB cable, connect it halfway into the power outlet plugged into the wall, and you will receive the red X. Unhook it from the wall, insert the USB all the way into the plug, and then reconnect it to the wall. It will charge successfully.

If you see a battery icon, this indicates that your phone has been turned off and is charging. You have the option to restart immediately. If you notice a red light, this shows that your battery is completely depleted.

Why do you get the red X on your Samsung battery icon?

When the incorrect charger is connected to a Samsung Tablet or other device, this icon will display on the screen. Samsung-based tablets may identify whether or not the charger is original. If not, the charger’s power is limited, and the charging icon or the battery icon with a red X is displayed on the screen. Because the charger’s capacity or amperage is insufficient, the gadget cannot be charged as a result.

What is happening exactly?

When Samsung detects and restricts the power delivered by a non-original charger, the charger is only permitted to deliver around 0.4 or 0.5 Amps of current. The standard charger provides around 1.35 amps of electricity and adequately charges the tablet. In comparison, the typical USB 2.0 connections on your computer give around 0.5 amps of power.

How to fix a Samsung tablet not charging?

In most situations, the only thing you need to do to resolve the Red X issue is to purchase an original OEM Samsung tablet charger compatible with your model tablet. However, according to the information provided above, if you were using a generic charger brick, not from Samsung, the company tends to limit the power, most likely for your safety.

You can also try any of the following in an attempt to resolve your issue, but obtaining a new charger is usually the most effective solution:

  • Reboot the tablet by holding down the power button for a lengthy time and then powering it off and on again.
  • If you are using the original charger, check to see that it is working correctly and that the USB cable does not have any shorts or breaks in the wires that might interfere with charging.
  • If you have a friend who has a comparable gadget, you may validate the charger or cord by borrowing their charger to see if it is a problem.
  • If you have a battery bank, you may connect the USB end to your computer and see if it also works as a temporary solution.


You should now better understand what the Samsung tablet or phone battery icon with a red x represents and how to cope with it on your particular device. 

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