Why Won’t Discord Play Through My Headphones?

Why Won’t Discord Play Through My Headphones?

Ever wondered why your Bluetooth headphones or wireless earbuds with a mic won’t play Discord app sound through your headphones?

Discord, a popular and fastest-growing group-chatting app, is a must-have voice and text chat platform for hobbyists and Pro gamers. The Discord chat platform is a perfect fit for any gaming enthusiasts and niche content creator looking at organized ways to start, grow, and monetize your gaming content effectively. But, how do you get your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to connect to the Discord app when they are not working with the Discord mobile app?

Software bugs in your discord’s app audio stream malfunctions are what is causing sound not to go through your headphones. A quick reconnect of your Bluetooth headphones to your gaming rig by alternating between the app and the Discord platform’s browser version resolves these sound problems. Faulty app updates are often a common trigger for Discord audio not coming out. Most routine app updates cause software bugs, which can sometimes hamper Discord connectivity, and in this case, your switch to the web browser app can resolve your connectivity issues.

Troubleshooting Discord App Sound Play-Through Issues

To troubleshoot your discord server audio streaming issues when its not coming through your headphones, you will have to:

Check Your default audio setup by clicking your speaker icon as shown in this picture to open sound settings.

Secondly, scroll down to your computer sound systems control panel and navigate to inspect your default settings to see which devices are enabled and disabled inside your playback and recording by right-clicking the settings button to inspect those settings.

The Discord app connectivity is no different to most apps which are inherently prone to connectivity issues. In particular, the Discord app currently uses ” the call audio functionality” for your native Android app, which is likely degrading functionality hampering your earbuds to utilize its audio functionality. 

Inside your gaming or streaming computer, there’s a sound mixer where inappropriate sound settings can cause your headphone not to receive sound streamed from your discord application. Instead, initiate a sound mixers system search and to ascertain that your Discord app sound volume is well-adjusted and turned on as shown in the picture below.

While the Discord app can handle Bluetooth headphones and microphones to allow voice chats on the app, the way it works is by completely disregarding the voice audio channel classified as an incoming/outgoing “call”. This wireless connectivity degrades all other sound output from the phone in the background, lowering your mobile phone mic and speakers’ overall functionality.

These functionalities only affects much older headsets which often benefits from using the discord app’s legacy headset technology to resolve compatibility issues. Just follow the steps as shown in the picture below and activate your Discord legacy platform by clicking on the gear cog inside your discord user account setting to access your video audio settings where you can switch to the legacy before restarting your discord app.

Discord Connectivity, Do You Really Need It?

The Discord app connectivity issues make Reddit look like an attractive alternative gaming community application, except the Discord app is more versatile as it allows any content creator aged from 13 years and over to build public and private discussion boards for your communities. Inside these communities is where you and your patrons get to talk about games, Podcasting, streaming, and just about any other niche topics you are passionate about candidly.  

Though the Discord app is not that complicated to use, it’s a fairly new online voice and text chatting app notoriously known for sound connection issues, even for the savviest users. They still find this most popular chatting app challenging to use with wireless headphones or earbuds.  

With the recent explosion of headphones and earbuds with mics releases and getting more advanced in wireless connectivity, it was only a matter of time when it made sense to get your Discord app to work with earbuds. 

And, as the Discord app is available for Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android devices, you can see why when the Discord app is not connecting to Bluetooth headphones, it causes so much angst among gaming enthusiasts.

Most sound issues on the Discord app lend themselves to ignorance to sound engineering at a basic level. You want to use both your gadgets like an iPad, mobile and desktop to run your Discord sound input and out separately from the PC, yet still expect such a complex sound routing to be plug and play inside the app. 

Understandably, such sound routing offers insane benefits especially for those who want to use a soundboard to get both discord volume and game volume through the same headphones. 

Sound engineered in such complex come with its own baggage even though it allows you to adjust your Discord volume and game volume independently. So, suppose you are experiencing sound issues or quality. In that case, the Discord app has its own limitations and does not work with just about every creator’s wishlist. 

With a little bit of streaming gear investment, the Discord app is capable of delivering new sound setups that are not possible on mobile, which won’t let you choose what audio device to use for the input/output and just chooses the default. 

In all honesty, there’s scores of Discord app users who want the same audio setup features, and you would expect that its a matter of time until the Discord support team picks this up and did something about it. Afterall when a customer is always right, expect that as soon as another streaming app drops on the market, their first problem to solve is going to be letting its users choose their audio input/outputs)

Why Discord Stands Out As The Best Voice And Text Chat App?

Discord app currently stands out as the best voice and text chat platform as it lets friends and global citizens communicate directly in realtime via voice, video, or text, once they have joined streaming servers where larger communities can safely interact together without sharing IP [the internet protocols] identities. 

On the surface, one would be tempted to assume that only the e-sport industry[ the gaming niche in particular] is Discord’s best use case scenario. 

In contrast, the company’s marketing focus has been gaming, to the point that the service once gave away PC games to paid subscribers. 

Their main goal was only to gain a competitive foothold with other Streaming services; Discord is a multi-dimensional marketing platform where one can build a real business out of their audience.

Is The Discord Platform Safe

The Discord app platform is safe enough for anyone to use as long as they take time to set up the right privacy settings and vigilantly keep a constant monitoring schedule. As with most online safety issues, for easy use of the Discord app, it’s every user’s responsibility to take online security measures so they can go to bed daily, knowing that loved ones are safely interacting online. 

Unless online safety mitigating factors are taken into account, there’s always going to be a risk when it comes to streaming online using sites and apps where open chats are happening. Still, the safest way possible is always to use the Discord app smartly while also only accepting friend requests and participating in private servers with people you already know.

Can You Be Tracked On Discord?

No! You can not be tracked on the Discord app platform as it is not P2P. The Discord app uses dedicated servers to let its users create their communities where chats take place safely without sharing sensitive personal information. It means the only shared link between you and anyone you are chatting with is the connection to the particular server, a long with the other person you chat with connects to the server. 

This way no one’s IP address is sent among each other, just the data that the server wants the user to see. However, Discord’s term of services stipulates that their platform has monitoring elements to keep everyone safe. Even with the Discord’s monitoring staff teams, they do not use your IP to track you. 

P2P platforms track their users by utilizing cookie-like software packages with browser tracking unique identifying number to track by referencing their number. … The reference number can be up to 35 characters long and intended to help the tracking rig easily identify the individual at a browser level and not inside the app. Go to the Discord app terms of use and read it carefully to understand what they track.

Who Is Discord App Best Used For?

Best for Gamers: Discord app is perfect e-sport audio and video chatting app where even brand new streamers like you and me. The Discord allows for newbies to thrive, building communities out of people who enjoy your gaming tactics or simply want a guided setup experience of your gaming rig.

Best for Youtube Content Creators: Most Youtubers use the Discord app to offer premium membership content for private access to more advanced content or advice for influencers. Though there are premium feature apps, Discord can be attractive to users looking for a free solution, who want more customizability and don’t mind getting their hands dirty, setting community servers and everything for their communities.

The Discord App Is Best For Streamers: Streaming influencers with specialized skill sets often use the Discord app to service those who want dedicated support to grow a business, learn new skills or access 1-1 coaching. The discord app offers shared group support available to them if they run into any technical issues with their business operations. So, streamers use the Discord as their Saas setup instead of paying for advanced Saas.

The Discord App Is Best for e-Sport Pro Gamers: As you embark on your gaming adventures the likelihood of getting overwhelmed and easily get scared away by the complexity of having to set up other streaming apps. The Discord app is an easy to set up, completely newbie-friendly without requiring vast experience with advanced customization to get more familiar with streaming.

Best for e-Sport Creatorpreneurs: The discord app is a perfect setup for most gamers and Youtube content creators. This is ideal for those whose business relies on capturing and distributing short clips and highlights of technical know-how, gameplay and sharing them directly to social media channels, rather than live streaming.

Best for Podcasters: The explosion of audio and video Podcasts and online niche talk show streams serves as a treat for those looking for affordable streaming tools. The Discord app is a perfect Podcasting tool for traveling creatorpreneurs who need access to your suite of tools and B-roll scenes while on the road.

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