Why Is My Samsung Camera Blurry?

Why Is My Samsung Camera Blurry

Sometimes you may notice that your Samsung camera is blurry. There may be a few things you can try to fix the issue. It is usually an easy fix, either cleaning the camera lens or going through your Samsung camera settings to get it resolved. So, why is my Samsung camera blurry?

It may be that the camera lens is dirty, or if something is obstructing the lens, the chances are that you will end up with a blurry camera until you clean it. Another cause could be the Samsung camera filter settings. 

If it doesn’t work, you may decrease the light intensity the camera receives by using a lens cover or a filter. If none of the other options work for you, the lens may need to be changed. Your camera lens will be the subject of this article’s discussion.

Causes of Samsung camera blurry pictures

There are many potential causes for blurry pictures from your Samsung camera. 

  1. One possibility is that you need to update your camera’s software. Another option is that you need to change the settings on your camera.
  2. Additionally, if you are not using the correct memory card for your camera, this can also cause blurry pictures. 
  3. Another possible cause of blurry pictures is dirt or debris on the camera lens.
  4. Grease or fingerprints on the lens are not uncommon, and there are lint and dust particles everywhere.
  5. It’s also possible that your camera’s image sensor is faulty if you take a photo, and it appears fuzzy when viewed on a computer.
  6. Your phone’s case could be interfering with your camera’s lens, resulting in blurry images.
  7. The camera lens may get foggy in areas where there is high humidity.

How to fix Samsung camera blurry pictures

When you’re attempting to snap a photo, one of the most aggravating things is when the picture turns out fuzzy. Many factors contribute to this, including a trembling hand or a rapidly shifting subject. If your Samsung camera takes blurry pictures, there are a few potential ways to fix blurry images on your Samsung camera.

Adjust the filter settings.

If you are having trouble getting the perfect photo with your Samsung phone camera, you can try a few things. One option is to adjust the filter settings. 

  • Next, open up the camera app and tap the three lines in the top left corner.
  • When you click on this, you’ll be presented with a choice of alternatives. 
  • Then tap on “Filter Settings,” and you will be able to adjust the strength of the filter and choose a different filter altogether. 
  • Lens caps and filters may also be used to assist in protecting your camera’s lenses from the sun’s rays.

Right settings

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that you’re using the proper settings for the situation. For example, if you’re taking a picture of something close-up, you’ll use the Macro setting. You can also adjust the ISO or shutter speed settings if your camera has those options.

Cleaning the lens

If none of those settings seem to be making a difference, you may need to try cleaning your lens. Use a soft cloth to wipe off dirt or smudges and see if that fixes the problem.

Grease or fingerprints on your camera’s lens are not uncommon. Likewise, lint and dust particles are all around you when you put your cell phone in your pants, pocket, or purse.

If you’ve ever used or owned a digital camera, you’re probably familiar with the hassle of cleaning the camera lens. Grease or fingerprints on the lens are not uncommon, and there are lint and dust particles everywhere. 

Identifying the correct lens cleaner is the first step. You may use a microfiber towel to clean the lens of your camera if it has one. If you have a camera with a retractable lens, you need a liquid lens cleaner to keep it clean. Before using any lens cleaning product, read the directions carefully.

The next step is to prepare your work area. You will need a soft cloth or towel, some lens cleaner, and a cup of water.

Fingerprints can get on the camera lens whenever you take your phone out of your pocket or purse. Before snapping a photo, be careful to thoroughly clean the lens. After cleaning the camera’s lens, see if your pictures are still fuzzy.

Phone’s case

Your phone’s case could be interfering with your camera’s lens, resulting in blurry images. This is because the light transmittance of the phone case’s bevel may interfere with the camera’s lens.

It’s happened to all of us: you take a picture with your phone, and it comes out blurry. You might have blamed your shaky hands or being in a hurry, but what if the real culprit was your phone case? The case could be interfering with your camera’s lens, resulting in blurry images.

This is because most Samsung phone cases are made from plastic or rubber, which can cause reflections and lens flares. If you’re having trouble getting clear shots with your phone, try switching to a case made from fabric or leather. You might also want to avoid taking pictures in direct sunlight, as this will only make things worse.

Take a picture of your phone without the case on to see if it works. If you discover that the phone case was interfering with your ability to use your phone, look for a wider or no bevel case.


If you do not clean the lens of the camera with a soft cloth before taking each photo in a humid region, you may find that the images are hazy. The lens of the camera may get foggy in areas where there is high humidity.

Most people know that their camera lenses can fog up in areas with high humidity. This can happen even if the camera isn’t being used. Use a soft cloth to wipe the lens before putting the camera away to prevent this.

This effect occurs when it rains heavily or when you are in a humid area. Whenever the glass becomes foggy, wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

Optical camera sensor

On some Samsung devices, the camera’s optical sensor moves. According to some users, when this sensor gets jammed, it might cause the camera to not focus correctly. Before snapping a photo, open the camera app on your phone and softly shake it. You may also lightly press on the lens with the camera app open. This may seem unusual, but it has worked for many Samsung users who experienced distorted or blurry images.

Changing between camera modes

Try out different camera settings. Pick mode, Beauty Face, and Auto again in the camera app. Try this method if your phone has been shooting fuzzy or out-of-focus photos. If you’re having trouble focusing, make sure that you push the screen on the item you’re attempting to lock onto.

Clear camera cache

Clearing the cache on your camera app may help. Take a look at the camera settings in the system settings > apps > sort by all > camera. Make sure the camera’s cache is cleared. Your phone may now be able to snap more explicit pictures after this procedure.

Update Samsung phone

It also depends on what version of Android you have installed on your phone. This might cause out-of-focus photos. Instead, try installing the most recent version of Android on your phone.


One possible reason for blurred photos with a Samsung camera is that the lens is dirty or smudged. In the event that this is the situation, you might attempt to clean the lens by using a soft cloth. Another possibility is that the camera is out of focus. You can try adjusting the focus setting or distance to your subject to fix this.

The problem may lie with the lens or the sensor of your camera. In this situation, it is possible that you may need to get repairs done on your camera.

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