Why Is My Chromebook Rejecting My AirPods?

Why Is My Chromebook Rejecting My AirPods

Why won’t my AirPods connect to Chromebook laptops is a common issue, despite AirPods being one of the most popular wireless headphone options. But why do some users find that their Chromebook will not recognize the AirPods?

If you are attempting to connect AirPods to a Chromebook but are unsuccessful, the Chromebook may not be able to identify the headphones. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem.

As it turns out, this situation may provide you with two distinct challenges at the same time. The first is AirPods not charging on your Chromebook for whatever reason — either because of a software glitch or your Chromebook not recognizing AirPods when they’re plugged in.

That’s a problem that several Chrome OS users have been dealing with lately—and it should also be easy to fix!

Despite the incompatibility, there are some ways to get your AirPods working with your Chromebook laptop. You may use Bluetooth adapters and the “AirPods Connect” software to connect your AirPods wirelessly with other devices. In addition, you can now use your AirPods as a wired headset with this app.

While these workarounds exist, they are not perfect solutions. For example, the Bluetooth adapter can be tricky to set up and sometimes glitchy. Likewise, the “AirPods Connect” app can also be glitchy and can cause your computer to crash.

What to do if your Chromebook doesn’t recognize AirPods?

There are a few things that you can try if your Chromebook is not recognizing your AirPods.

  1. If your Chromebook doesn’t recognize your AirPods, first make sure that your AirPods are turned on and connected to your Chromebook.
  2. You can check the battery level of your AirPods by opening the Settings app and selecting Bluetooth. If your AirPods are connected, but the battery level is low, they may not be recognized by your Chromebook.
  3. Try charging your AirPods and then try connecting them again. 
  4. If your Chromebook still doesn’t recognize your AirPods, try restarting your Chromebook.

Resetting your Chromebook

In order to reconnect your AirPods wirelessly, you might try rebooting your Chromebook.

Chromebooks are designed to be easy to use and maintain, but occasionally you may need to reset your Chromebook to re-establish a connection. Using the recovery mode is the most popular method, however, others exist. You’ll lose all of your data and settings if you don’t have a backup. The Wireless AirPods use Bluetooth connectivity to pair up with your Chromebook.

When you first turn on the AirPods, it will search for a device with Bluetooth to pair with. If the AirPods are not paired up, you may need to use external Bluetooth adapters or plug-in wireless to pair them with your Chromebook.

By resetting the AirPods connectivity, you are doing a manual unplug and plug them back in to reset your Chromebook. If your AirPods aren’t connecting, you can reset them by doing a manual unplugging and plugging them back in. This fixes most connection problems and can be done whether or not the AirPods are in the case.

Updating your Chromebook

You can also try upgrading your Chromebook to see if it helps fix the AirPods not connecting issue.

Chromebooks are great for many reasons, but one issue reported is AirPods not connecting. While this could be due to various reasons, updating your Chromebook is one thing you can try.

To do this:

  1. Open your Chromebook and type chrome://help in the address bar.
  2. Click on the “Update Chrome OS” button.
  3. From there, follow the instructions to update your Chromebook.
  4. After doing this, try connecting your AirPods again and see if they work.

Checking the battery level of your AirPods

Ensure that your AirPods have a good battery level before using them with your Chromebook.

Apple AirPods is a great technology, but they need occasional maintenance like all devices. Checking the battery level of your AirPods is one such task. So, you must know how to check the battery level of your AirPods and charge them if necessary.

Checking the compatibility of your AirPods

Make sure that your AirPods are compatible with your Chromebook. This is vital because not all devices support AirPods, and you should never attempt to use them with a device not compatible. Instead, check the official compatibility list of your AirPods to see if they work with your Chromebook.

It’s no secret that Apple’s AirPods have been one of the most popular pieces of technology released in recent years. With their custom-fit ear tips and long battery life, they are perfect for anyone on the go.

However, not everyone knows that AirPods are not compatible with all devices. Therefore, to make sure your AirPods will work with your chosen device, it is essential to check compatibility first.

Why can’t my Chromebook connect to my headphones?

Despite Chromebook being such a versatile device that can do many things, one thing it can’t do is connect to a plethora of wireless headphones. This is a problem for people who want to use their Chromebooks to watch movies or listen to music.

The good news is that a solution to this issue already exists. You may connect your headphones to your Chromebook through a Bluetooth adaptor to get around this. Another workaround is to use an HDMI cable to connect your Chromebook to an audio source that can pair wirelessly with your AirPods.

I find some popular portable computer speakers to be a convenient way to bypass Chromebook’s issues with wireless connectivity and then use headphones to pair the output speaker with AirPods.

One possible explanation for non-operational headphones is that your Chromebook fails to recognize the audio devices. So remove the headphones from the Chromebook’s headphone jack. Next, close the Chromebook’s lid and wait ten seconds before reopening it. You may now put your headphones in and enjoy the music.

Why is my audio not working on Chromebook?

If you’re having audio problems with your Chromebook, don’t worry; you’re not alone! There are a few things you can try to fix the issue.

  • First, make sure that your Chromebook’s volume is turned up. You can do this by clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. If the icon is grey, the volume is turned off.
  • Next, try restarting your Chromebook. This can often fix minor issues with audio. If restarting your Chromebook doesn’t work, you can try a few other things. 
  • Check if your headphones are plugged in incorrectly. If they’re not, that could be why you do not hear any sound.
  • You can also try adjusting the settings for your audio output.


Did you recently buy a Chromebook and suddenly find that your video and audio aren’t working? Well, your device may not have any sound or video drivers installed. To fix this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on “Check the status of my devices.”
  2. If you see a message saying, “Sound driver needs updating,” try force restarting your computer; if it works, great! 
  3. If not, try force restarting again until something changes. 
  4. Alternatively, you can click on “Force Stop Programs” in the Windows Task Manager and manually shut down/restart Google Play Music, hopefully doing the trick. I hope this helps! 
  5. If you are still having issues, try the following: Alternatively, if you are using a Chromebook, try downloading and opening Google Play Music from the website on your computer. This should force the update process and fix your problem.

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