Why Is Macbook Camera So Bad?

Why Is Macbook Camera So Bad

The MacBook’s camera quality has been a source of criticism for a while now. The cameras often struggle to focus and take grainy pictures in low light. In addition, they lack many features that are available on other devices.

However, the cameras have been updated in recent models and are much better than before. They offer good-quality photos in most lighting conditions and can even be used for video calling.

The MacBook Pro’s low-quality camera is due to its small lens and lack of optical image stabilization. Once the camera is too close can affect the images, also lighting and exposure problems if there not enough light in the room, and finally smudges on the camera lens like dirt’s and tiny scratches.

The camera on the MacBook Pro is one of its weakest features. The lens is small and does not have optical image stabilization, which results in blurry photos. Even in good lighting conditions, the camera struggles to produce clear images. This is particularly noticeable compared to the cameras on other laptops, such as the Dell XPS 13 or HP Spectre x360.

Comparison between MacBook Pro camera quality to other laptops 

Better cameras in lower-priced laptops

When it comes to cameras, many people think that the more expensive the device, the better the camera quality will be. However, this is not always the case. Today, several laptops on the market have cameras that outperform those found on MacBook Pros.

For example, the HP Spectre x360 has a webcam that captures 1920×1080 resolution video at 30 frames per second. This is significantly better than the 1280×720 resolution at 30 frames per second captured by the MacBook Pro‘s camera.

The camera on Dell’s XPS 13 also outperforms the MacBook Pro’s, with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a frame rate of 30 fps.

So why does Apple continue to use lower-resolution cameras in its MacBook Pros? To keep costs down.

Possible solutions

  1. Bigger lens
  2. Image stabilization.

 Apple has been using lower-resolution cameras in its MacBook Pros for years. So, why does the company continue to do this? One possible explanation is that Apple is trying to save money.

Because most consumers capture images and films with their smartphones, the corporation may decide that high-resolution cameras on laptops are unnecessary.

Another possibility is that Apple is waiting for new technology to become available before upgrading the camera resolution in its MacBook Pros. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Apple could improve the image quality of its laptops by using higher-resolution cameras.

While the MacBook camera has some drawbacks, it is still a powerful tool for online communication and work.

Despite its drawbacks, the MacBook webcam is a powerful tool for online communication. The camera has a good resolution and can be used for video calls with friends and family. However, the microphone is not very good, and the camera is not always reliable.

Why does my MacBook’s camera look bad?

As the MacBook’s camera is fast becoming a vital part of the device for many people, some users have been reporting that the camera looks bad. Some people report fuzzy images, while others say that the image is too dark.

However, there are several probable causes for why the MacBook’s webcam appears shaky on Zoom and other video streaming services.

MacBook camera problem

If the camera on your MacBook fails to take a clear photo, there could be a few different problems causing it. We’ll start with the most common ones.

Camera too close to the screen. 

What happens if you have ever placed an object close to your screen while filming (or taking photos of something close up)? The object gets distorted. This is happening because the camera’s lens is so small, and it cannot focus on anything right in front of it very well. There are always ways to fix this problem in software, but the first thing to do is to get the camera away from the screen.

Lighting and exposure problems

Laptop cameras have a hard time focusing on objects with a wide contrast of light and shade. The camera is too small, so it has difficulty generating the right amount of light to take a clear picture in dark places or brightly lit areas. You can fix this problem with the software, but it often makes the photos look worse than they did before you adjusted them. Turning on your room’s light can help as well.

Smudges on the camera lens

Smudges on the lens are one of the most prevalent issues with laptop and smartphone cameras. If you ever put your phone in your pocket, it rubs against your clothes and can leave a streak across the camera lens. This makes photos blurry and hard to see. Turn off your phone or laptop (remove the battery) and use a soft cloth to wipe down any smudges. 

For the MacBook webcam to seem terrible on Zoom or online video conversations, there are a number of plausible reasons. One possibility is that the camera is not properly calibrated, which can be easily fixed by following the instructions in this article.

Another possibility is that something is blocking the camera lens, such as dirt or lint. But, typically, MacBook Pro computers don’t have a perfect webcam. MacBook Pro computers are a popular choice for many people, but the built-in webcam is often criticized for its poor quality.

The camera is located at the top of the screen, and it can be challenging to get a good angle when you’re trying to take a picture or record a video. Many people have also complained about the low resolution of the webcam and the lack of autofocus.

MacBook cameras are generally considered bad because they can be so grainy when used to stream or capture images. This is especially true compared to the cameras on other laptops and even smartphones. Although the camera on a MacBook can be tweaked to increase its quality, many customers complain that it still falls short of what other devices can provide.

As much as MacBook’s have long been popular among photography enthusiasts for their versatility in media editing and rendering, the quality of their onboard web cameras is what lets them down.

How to fix MacBook camera 

Knowing all of the things you can do to improve the quality and performance of your MacBook camera is important. This short tutorial will provide you with useful tips to get the most out of your laptop, either as a student, a professional, or someone who likes to take photos and videos on your MacBook.

You may enhance the camera on your MacBook in several ways:

Increase image quality.

Go from iPhone photo resolution up dramatically using photography applications like Lightroom CC for Mac or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC for Mac. These programs also perform well for editing video files and adding music to video projects.

As a result, many people believe the camera on a MacBook is lacking compared to an external camera. One way to improve the camera quality is to use a third-party app like Camera Plus or Manual.

These apps allow you to adjust settings like focus, exposure, and white balance that aren’t available in the default camera app. Additionally, they offer more manual controls than the default app, which can be helpful for more experienced photographers.

Increase Video Resolution.

Video resolution is limited only by the size of your MacBook hard drive. You can improve the quality and performance of a MacBook by upgrading your hard drive to at least 750GB or larger, which will give you plenty of room for higher video resolution. 

Enhanced FaceTime and a Backlit Display.

Get more detail and color with a backlit display on a new MacBook Pro retina. The higher resolution will give you more detail in the eyes, nose, and mouth of the person you call or chat with.

Enhanced Macro Mode

Get focused shots from a close distance. The macro mode on MacBook cameras is great for getting clear and close-up shots of objects.

Video Editing

If you wish to edit your video files, you can add or subtract effects to pictures and videos using movie apps like iMovie for Mac OS X.

 External lens

Another way to improve your MacBook’s camera is to use an external lens. There are a variety of lenses available on the market, from wide-angle lenses to telephoto lenses. Using an external lens can give you more flexibility in terms of shooting options and can help you capture better shots.

Other solutions for bad MacBook camera

Another way to fix the MacBook camera quality issue on a MacBook Pro is: 

  • Invest in a quality 4K outboard web camera like the Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream. If you’re a MacBook Pro user and have been less than thrilled with the quality of your camera, you’re not alone. But there is a solution — and it doesn’t involve buying a new laptop. You need a Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream quality 4K out. The quality of the built-in webcam on the MacBook Pro has been called into question by many users, who say that it’s not nearly as good as it should be. This is especially true compared to other laptops on the market that offer much better camera quality.
  • But there is a fix for this issue: investing in a quality 4K out. This small piece of hardware will allow you to connect an external webcam to your MacBook Pro, giving you much better image quality.


The quality of a MacBook’s camera is there, but it is up to us to enhance the software and performance of our machines to take full advantage of those capabilities. Knowing how to tweak those settings will get you high-quality pictures and videos each time. 

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