Why Is Chromebook Camera So Bad?

Why Is Chromebook Camera So Bad

The quality of the Chromebook camera is often criticized by users who claim it’s above average, while others say it’s not good. So, why is Chromebook camera so bad?

The Chromebook camera is often criticized for its low quality, being above average, and not meeting user expectations. One common complaint is that the camera usually takes fuzzy pictures and videos. Additionally, many people would like to see a higher resolution on the camera.

Why Is Chromebook Camera So Bad?

The issue with the Chromebook cameras is common for people who use the laptop, from blurry pictures to low resolution. We will discuss these issues in more detail and provide alternative solutions.

Not a priority

The Chromebook camera is not a priority for Google, and it shows in the final product. Chromebooks have long battery lives, rapid speeds, and low prices. However, one area where they are lacking is the quality of the camera. While many laptops have cameras that can take high-quality photos and videos, the Chromebook camera is not a priority for Google. As a result, it shows in the lacklustre quality of the images and videos taken.

One reason for this may be that Chromebooks are designed primarily for online use, and most people don’t use their laptop’s camera for anything other than taking a quick selfie or video chat. However, given the popularity of Chromebooks in recent years, it would be wonderful if Google invested more in future models’ cameras.

Hardware limitations: The small size of the Chromebook camera sensor contributes to poor image quality.


The Chromebook camera app is basic and does not offer many features or settings. The Chromebook camera app is basic and does not offer many features or settings. This makes taking images on a Chromebook difficult. For example, there is no option to adjust the focus, and there is only a limited range of filters available. In addition, the app can’t record HD videos.

Camera quality

Chromebook users have been vocal in their criticism of the camera’s quality and dissatisfaction. Many say that photos taken with the camera are blurry, unusable, and lacking detail.

Although the Chromebook camera is not perfect, it is still helpful for basic web browsing and document editing tasks. Unfortunately, the camera has a low resolution, and it can be challenging to take pictures in low light.

However, the Chromebook camera is still convenient for taking pictures or recording videos. For example, you can use the camera to take photos of documents for proof of purchase or take photos of receipts for tax purposes. The camera can also be used to record short videos for class projects or to capture memories.

Common problems with Chromebook cameras

One of the most prevalent issues with Chromebooks’ built-in cameras is their failure to focus. In addition, the cameras on these computers are generally of poor quality because they are designed to be cheap.

The lens, camera post-processing, and other gear contribute to the total picture quality, even if they’re billed as “HD” at 720P or 1080P. Unfortunately, dealing with this is a fact of life for business owners.

Some common issues with the Chromebook camera:>

  • Grainy image resolution
  • Images or videos that are shaky
  • Apocalyptic images
  • Unpleasing images or recordings
  • The camera’s lag
  • I mention these issues because they’re typical of a regular camera.

You can’t do much about it except for camera lag because it depends on your system specifications. 

How to improve the quality of a Chromebook camera that is bad.

Now that we have established that Chromebooks are laptops primarily designed for medium-to-light use, we can compensate for their shortcomings with external peripherals.

As long as we acknowledge that they may have inherent limitations considering that they run on Google’s Chrome OS operating system. They are designed for simplicity and security, with most applications and data stored in the cloud.

Chromebooks have been gaining popularity in recent years, but one of their most significant drawbacks is the poor quality of their cameras. This article will give some tips on improving the quality of a Chromebook’s camera.

How to improve the quality of your photos:

  • Take photographs in a well-lit place.
  • Use even, well-lit lighting in your home.
  • The light source should not be aimed directly at the camera’s lens.
  • Instead of cold blue lights, use warm yellow ones.
  • When taking a photo, keep your body steady.
  • Instead of gazing down at the Chromebook, keep your head level with the camera.
  • Make use of photo editing software.
  • In post-production, you may edit your images.
  • Invest in an external webcam.
  • You can illuminate a room using an LED panel.
  • Try using a selfie LED ring.
  • Correct lighting can enhance image quality immediately.
  • Use free applications or online editors to make any necessary adjustments.

Consider purchasing an external USB webcam for your Chromebook if you want high-quality images and videos.

Error Chromebook camera is not available.

When you notice this error message on startup, it is a common problem with the camera. However, you can address this issue in several ways.

Install Chrome’s most recent version.

Keep up-to-date with Chrome OS by downloading the most recent version. First, go to Help, About Google Chrome-Update to get the latest version. People who run Chrome OS 78 or so seem to have an issue with this camera glitch. You can fix it by updating your system.

There have been no reports on Chrome OS’s following versions.

Using a guest account

You may test the camera by joining in as a guest; then, if it works, you can rule out hardware failure as a cause of the issue. On the other hand, sync issues across accounts may be to blame.

However, if the problem persists, the computer’s hardware might be a problem. If the following instructions fail to recover your camera, contact the manufacturer.

A primary account should be deleted and then re-added. If the previous step was successful, move on to step 2. 

Make a backup before removing the primary (owner) account. Then add it back in. Finally, check if the camera works or if the “camera is unavailable” notice remains.

Do a complete system reset if necessary.

The final step is to do a factory reset. Then, if the fault persists, you can be 99 percent sure that the problem is with the hardware. 

Using an external camera

You may use your Chromebook’s built-in webcam or an external webcam connected to it with Chrome OS. This way, you don’t have to deal with the poor quality of the camera.

You can use a USB webcam instead of a regular camera. However, an external USB camera is your best option when your Chromebook’s webcam quality is critical.

It’s best to get a good camera that works with a Chromebook, like the VisionTek VTWC20 Full HD (1080P 30FPS) webcam.

VisionTek VTWC20 Full HD (1080P 30FPS) Webcam

A 1080p (1920×1080) high-definition camera allows you to exhibit yourself clearly and professionally at home or in business. The fixed focal length can usually talk at a regular volume because of the built-in digital microphone. The privacy cover protects your lens and reassures you that you are not vulnerable to spyware or other types of hacking.

How to add an external camera to a Chromebook.

You may use your Chromebook’s USB port to connect your camera.

  • You can press the Launcher button on the search screen on your keyboard or the icon at the screen’s bottom-left.
  • Enter “camera” into the search bar.
  • Open the Camera app on your mobile device.
  • The software will activate the Chromebook’s built-in webcam.
  • Click on the “Switch Camera” icon to switch to your external webcam.

The camera on your Chromebook will now be fed by a USB camera rather than the built-in camera.

Can you fix a blurry video on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are known for their fast, secure, and straightforward operating systems, which is why they have become so popular in recent years. However, one downside to using a Chromebook is that videos can sometimes be blurry or pixelated.

This makes internet movie-watching challenging. This section discusses fixing fuzzy Chromebook videos.

Blurry Chromebook cameras tend to be bothersome for most Chromebook users, so they need to know how to fix a blurry video on a Chromebook.

A recent study conducted by Google’s independent customer sentiment and online brand reputation firm has found that the cameras on Chromebooks are generally blurry.

This is due to low-resolution cameras, which can be a problem for people who rely on their Chromebooks for work or school. You can improve the quality of photographs shot with a Chromebook, but it requires technical knowledge and isn’t always successful.

If you are not bothered with investing in an external HD web camera, I recommend getting the USB -web Camera for your Chromebook. This USB-web camera plugs directly into your Chromebook and allows you to use it as a webcam. Of course, it’s not as good as using an external web camera, but it’s still better than using the built-in cameras on your Chromebook.


One glaring issue seems to keep popping up on the screen for Chromebooks. Cameras on Chromebooks are often so bad that they are hardly usable for anything other than video chat. Unfortunately, this is a long-standing issue with the devices that shows no signs of improvement.

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