Which Is The Safest Browser For Mac, Firefox, Opera, Brave, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Maxthon?

Which Is The Safest Browser For Mac

Mac comes with an efficient and speedy browser called Safari. But having a backup in case, the native app is not functioning as expected, or issues arise is a good idea.

Mozilla Firefox is the safest web browser for Mac users. While Mac users may be tempted to use Safari, which is not a poor choice, Firefox provides far greater privacy and add-on functionality. 

So even if you don’t worry about data collection, Safari may be a terrific option if you don’t care about it at all, even while you’re browsing in private mode. So, if you seek an alternative, we have examined some of the top browsers for Mac in 2022.

Below is a top list of the top web browsers for MacOS:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is one of the most secure and reliable Mac browsers. It protects you from phishing scams, malware, and more. Mozilla is a secure browser, but with NoScript and FlashBlock, it may be the safest. In addition, it offers outstanding network security, a simple user interface, and several add-ons.

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Firefox pros and cons:


  • It is safe.
  • It contains embedded memory, so if you accidentally shut down your computer, it will remember the web page you were on and offer to retrieve it for you.


  • Opening a webpage using Mozilla sometimes results in an error.
  • Mozilla Firefox requires more RAM and starts slowly.


Opera, an older name, is one of the most acceptable browsers for Macs. In addition, Opera can be fast even with a slow connection using server size compression.

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Opera’s pros and cons:


  • It is easy to browse and delivers a good browsing experience.
  • It contains a built-in torrent browser.
  • It’s simple and built for folks that require a responsive browser.
  • It contains built-in phishing protection, RSS feeds, and email clients.


  • To use the browser properly, you must follow the code.
  • The Opera expansions aren’t always prominent.


Brave, a new Mac browser, is secure, private, and fast. Brave is open source and privacy-focused. Brave is another best Mac browser.

Brave’s pros and cons:


  • Quicker than regular browsers.
  • It removes advertising, trackers, and unwanted stuff.
  • It offers absolute privacy and security with “Private Tabs with Tor.”


One of the most commonly used browsers on Windows, Google Chrome, is a fast browser alternative. It’s free, quick, and secure. In addition, its clean UI makes it simple to use.

Chrome pros and cons:


  • It combines search and navigation.
  • It has a large selection of readily installed add-ons to personalize the browser.
  • It supports parental controls and offers efficiency settings.


  • It drains the battery and consumes the RAM on a portable Mac.
  • If you close the browser without warning, Chrome will close all active tabs.

Microsoft Edge

The Edge browser has gained popularity over time. With Immersive Reader, you may read articles and ebooks on your Mac’s web browser.

Microsoft Edge pros and cons:


  • Secure access to users’ stored data.
  • Favorites to speed up the search.
  • Immersive Reader reading experience
  • Tabs for private browsing.
  • It removes adverts from blogs and articles.


  • Its default search engine is Bing.


Maxthon, one of the most outstanding Mac browsers, features a nice home screen UI. 

Maxthon’s pros and cons: 


  • One of the most delicate features of Maxthon is that it does not dominate the system’s performance while working on it. 
  • It aims to speed up the internet connection and open online pages faster.
  • Maxthon is cloud-based and hence agnostic to operating systems and devices. 
  • It features an excellent function that stores your information from previous visits to websites, so you don’t have to fill it in again.


  • It doesn’t have many extensions.
  • Maxthon lacks features like voice commands and open-source development.


Camino is an open-source web browser that focuses on providing the most incredible web experience for Mac OS X users.

Camino pros and cons:


  • Camino Browser has a fast connection and a built-in flash blocker to save bandwidth.
  • The bookmark bar supports several lines.
  • It features a simple and attractive UI.
  • It also has the usual Mac OS X look and functionality.


  • It lacks an undo-close tab.
  • You cannot move tabs, so there is no possibility to rearrange them.

Omni Web

Omni Web is a sophisticated web browser for the Mac and one of the best browsers available.

Omni Web pros and cons:


  • It offers Visual Tabs, adds websites to shortcuts, and renders web pages automatically.
  • If you dislike the typeface of the web page, you can change it.
  • The browser handles the whole RSS feed, which is fantastic.


  • It’s a sluggish browser.
  • It consumes system resources by using a lot of RAM.


Yandex, which resembles Microsoft’s Edge browser, is one of the top Mac browsers.

Yandex pros and cons:


  • It offers a clean and straightforward UI.
  • Yandex features a Turbo setting that never slows down the browser. 
  • Turbo mode kicks in when internet connections go down, saving you money on data rates.
  • It safeguards your passwords, bank card data, and online payments.


Vivaldi, an open-source Chromium browser, is one of the best Mac browsers today.

Vivaldi’s pros and cons:


  • It manages tabs well, operates well, is tileable, provides previews, and stack nicely. 
  • It allows you to access the Chrome Store, which is not surprising as it runs on the Chromium platform.
  • It allows you to personalize the browser to your liking.
  • It downloads quicker with sluggish internet.


  • Like Chrome, this browser wastes system resources.
  • Online passwords, settings, and bookmark syncing.


Another fast browser for the Mac that looks like Google Chrome.

Stainless pros and cons:


  • An integrated search address bar makes searching and navigating a breeze.
  • No need to worry about one tab crashing your entire browser.
  • Open numerous email clients in parallel browsing mode.
  • It is quick and straightforward.


  • It has a few settings.
  • No extensions are available yet.

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is another security specialist among Mac online browsers. It filters harmful websites and prevents virus downloads.

Avast Secure Browser pros and cons:


  • Built-in advanced security features protect you.
  • Websites must utilize encryption.
  • It hides online personal credentials.
  • It protects against digital monitoring and password leakage.


  • No Mac App Store.


This combination of features makes SeaMonkey one of the top browsers for Macs.

SeaMonkey pros and cons:


  • This browser is quicker and more responsive than others.
  • It is a Mozilla product that includes a web browser 
  • An email and newsgroup client
  • An HTML editor, a JavaScript browser, and an IRC chat client.
  • A cookie manager enables you to see and erase browsing cookies.
  • It also offers a password manager, customizable toolbars, and session recovery.


  • It lacks multi-modal mouse motions and voice interaction.
  • The browser is not elegant and is difficult to use.

Puffin Secure Browser

Mac users can use Puffin Secure Browser to access the internet safely. This is because modern technologies safeguard data and gadgets. In this way, Macs are shielded from common malware threats.

Puffin Secure Browser pros and cons: 


  • A user-friendly UI designed for simplicity of use.
  • It saves you from hacker invasion.
  • It protects against cyber attacks.
  • It is less CPU and system resource utilization.


  • Sync issues across devices.


Mozilla Firefox is the safest web browser for Mac users. While Mac users may be tempted to use Safari, which is not a poor choice, Firefox provides far greater privacy and add-on functionality. Opera is another secure and reliable Mac browsers. It protects you from phishing scams, malware, and free VPN.

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