What Is A VGA Driver? (Explained)

What Is A VGA Driver

VGA driver helps your computer system to configure graphics correctly, refresh the rate of video card limits, and set colors. Another importance of the VGA driver is to enable the card to send graphics to the processor, monitor, and other components which do require a graphic card or video card. To better explain the VGA driver, we will first explain what is a VGA driver?

Video Graphic Array or VGA driver is software found on a personal computer and can also be found on a cellphone that manages a video device. A driver is a set of digital rules that empowers the Operating System to share physical hardware. The VGA drivers are used to manage information that is sent to a monitor and other visual displays.

Are VGA drivers important?

Yes, VGA drivers are important because it helps control the display resolution, especially when using onboard video. In many cases, without a VGA you would still get pictures but it may not be able to handle higher resolutions. Get a VGA driver on Amazon for next-day delivery.

What Are The Benefits of Updating Drivers?

There are a few benefits of updating drivers on your system and keeping it up to date, these includes:

  • Keeping your computer in good operating condition. If you strive to keep your system in good operating condition will prevent the system from costly problems in the future.
  • Outdated drivers can cause the computer to run slower which can cause annoyance.
  • Helps installed or device softwares of different hardware components run smoothly.
  • Properly updating the drivers helps system run smoothly, perform well, and avoid crashing or annoying problems.
  • Opting for automatic driver updates saves time.
  • Help to avoid complications caused by outdated device drivers.
  • Installing Driver Support software helps with automatic updates and detects drivers which are out of date.
  • Help to avoid PC monitor display problems which usually causes the PC to go blank for no reason due to having updated device drivers.
  • Helps to avoid having windows USB not detected error due to an outdated driver when you try to use a wired mouse.
  • Helps to avoid getting webcam problems most common with windows 10 operating system.
  • Most importantly, avoid security risks caused by outdated drivers which can put your device at risk or vulnerable to malicious software or hackers.
  • Finally, updating system drivers increase performance by increasing higher operating speeds, fewer system problems, and less crashing.
What Is A VGA Driver

Updating and Using VGA Driver

The computer is mainly used to handle higher resolutions, and in the back days, there was no VGA driver. The purpose of having a VGA driver is not limited to gaming. But games need an extreme amount of graphics that cannot be produced by integrated graphics only. There are mainly two options needed to help you update and use your VGA driver, they are as follows:

Manual Update:

Make sure you are skilled in computers and have the patience to do so. This will require you to get the right driver online to download it and install it following all the rules.

  • Go to the Intel download centre,
  • Choose your graphics card type,
  • The drivers in the download type and the operating system running on your computer,
  • After that, download and install the right and latest drivers for your computer.

Automatically Update:

This is the fastest method that you can go for. It only needs a few mouse clicks, and you do not put effort into doing this. Drive easy will recognize your system and get the correct drivers for it. It is possible to download your driver’s with the pro version of drive accessible, which needs two clicks. Download Driver Easy and click Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and discover viruses. Press the Update button next to the driver to download and install the correct version of this driver automatically.

Advantages of VGA Driver

1. It has a good Performance

This driver increases the way the system works to a greater level. It contains a graphics processing unit meaning it does not rely on the CPU for it to operate. The CPU can affect the way the system works.

2. It is suitable for games

This is one of the reasons for having VGA. It gives access to playing games that are in high demand and more graphical. Most of the computers can handle games though they have integrated graphics. The best way to enjoy your games is by using a VGA driver.

3. Memory use

A computer that contains a VGA driver shares a part of system memory when it is operating. A VGA driver includes a memory that is free from the computer. An added advantage is that these memories are fast compared to computer memory.

4. Video experience

Apart from gaming, a VGA driver can make better your video. This will appear when you are watching HD and Blu-ray films. Video editing can be created especially.

5. Driver support

When there are new games that are produced for game lovers, it is also recommended to upgrade their operating system. The VGA driver producers tend to release new drivers from time to time to giving you access to both manual and automatic downloading.

Disadvantages of the VGA Driver

1. It’s costly

The VGA drivers cost more, and this depends on the brand. The ability to have the best driver depends on the costs. An expensive VGA driver performs well more than a cheap one. The same applies to some other laptops which have good graphics usually cost a lot than integrated graphics.

2. Speed

When there is a high resolution with colors, performance is affected. This is because the system requires more information. Texts and icons can be viewed much smaller because of this effect, which changes the performance of speed.

3. Overheating

VGA driver requires more energy. The GPU is overheated when there is more heat. Therefore it is likely to see three fans on the VGA driver to cool down the GPU.

4. Weight

Laptops and computers with dedicated graphics can be heavy. This means it is impossible to have ultra-thin laptops today with powerful VGA.

5. Power consumption

A VGA driver uses more energy compared to other devices on your computer. Many processing and calculations need more energy which is drawn from the power supply unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the resolution of a VGA driver?

VGA drivers are specific to Microsoft Windows® compatible computers and cellphones that use a Windows® OS. They support graphics with a standard resolution of 640 pixels horizontally and 480 pixels vertically and can display up to 256 different colours.

Why does my computer run in VGA mode?

Computers also come with the ability to run in VGA mode, which only uses the VGA driver instead of any other type of graphics display system. This can be useful if there is a problem with one of the other display drivers or when changing a graphics card, which can cause Windows not to boot properly.

What does VGA stand for in computer monitors?

VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a basic standard for color resolution in computer monitors that today represents the lowest common denominator for compatibility.

Do Drivers Increase FPS?

Drivers help increase FPS by more than 100%, updating the graphics driver fixes performance issues and improves the games to run faster. Increasing FPS help playing video games smoother and visually enhanced gaming experience.


Having a VGA driver help to improve performance, speed and higher resolution. VGA driver enables the card to send graphics to the processor, monitor, and other components which do require a graphic card or video card. VGA drivers are important because it helps control the display resolution, especially when using onboard video. Finally, updating system drivers increase performance by increasing higher operating speeds, fewer system problems, and less crashing.

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