Sony SSCs5 vs Klipsch R-41M Best Bookshelf Speaker 2021

Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker and Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Home Speaker are some of the best speakers that are available on the market. On the surface, these two speakers look poles apart, yet when you compare them closely, you will find that they share similarities with only one standing out by a few features as the best. No wonder that most people find it difficult when it comes to choosing between Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf speaker and the Sony sscs5speakers. But, which is better when you compare Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf vs Sony SSCS5 3 way bookshelf speakers? 

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Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speaker is better than the Klipsch R-41M bookshelf speaker. The main difference is the sound quality and clarity you get from the Sony SSCS5. With the Sony SSCS5’s speaker enclosure standing at approximately 10.76% deeper than that of the Klipsch R-41M at 60.93%, its pretty obvious that the spatial volume of the Sony SS-CS5 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers is 60.93% greater than that of the Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speakers, allowing Sony SSCS5 to deliver a thumping sound with balanced quality and clarity.

The SSCs5 is manufactured by Sony and was released as a follow-up to the ssc3 which came out in September 2014. The SSCs5 delivers good sound and comes at a reasonable price. The sound delivered is clear allowing you to clearly hear the details when you are listening to music or watching movies as if you are using soundbars

The Klipsch, just like the SSCs5 also comes at a very good and reasonable price. The sound quality that it provides is considered to be dynamic as well as punchy. The base design is what determines the sound quality in these speakers. They also face a lot of competition from other speakers because of the price range they are in.

The Sony SSCs5 is slightly better than the Klipsch. It delivers very clear, clean, and detailed sounds. It has a portable as well as durable design. The speaker is also versatile and comes at a reasonable price. The Klipsch provides good sound quality but can sometimes be lacking in terms of context.


FeatureSony sscs5Klipsch
System3-way floor speakers
Impedance6 ohms8 ohms
Frequency response45hz to 50khz32hz – 25khz
Weight10 pounds60lbs
Dimensions14.2 x 11.6 x 40.2 inches42.12 x 10.90 x 17.56 inches
EnclosureBass wooden reflex veneerMedium density fibreboard

Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker

The Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker is an impeccable 3-way speaker best used for creating a surround-sound atmosphere in your home at an affordable price without compromising quality. The SSCs5 provides sounds that are clear, crisp, and clear. The bass that the speaker offers is also very good, this is achieved by the 5.12-inch woofer that also ensures that the bass remains stable.

The bass also has tapered edges, this is there to help in creating a sound stage that is more natural. The mid-range levels have finer details and the vocals are clear. The audio quality that it delivers makes it very good for your home entertainment.

The sound stage of the Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker is expansive and makes it feel like there is an actual performance going on in your home. It can also be in any room because the audio is clear no matter which room it is placed in. 

The Sony SSCS5 Bookshelf Speaker can also fit very well in your home theatre setup. The music that this speaker captures is good and has a higher rate when compared to a cd. The audio resolution is also high; hence you can easily watch movies, play games, listen to music, and more.

The Sony SSCS5 3-Way Bookshelf Speaker also delivers a room-filling sound. It has a wide dispersion mega tweeter that ensures that this achieved. The frequency range is up to 50khz and it ensures that the audio is ultra-responsive.

The drivers used are mega-reinforced drivers that make sure to capture every note and melody. It has a maximum power of 145 w and an impedance of 6 ohms that allows the sound to get high without distortion. 

Design and build quality

The design of the Sony SSCS5 3-Way Speaker is modern and sleek. The sleek and modern design allows the speaker to easily fit in almost any home entertainment system. Its 3-way floor standing speaker system allows the speaker to easily match other components. The speaker only weighs 10 pounds, it is 14.2 inches tall, 11.6 inches wide, and 40.2 inches deep. The cabinet of the speaker is rich and acoustic in design. 

The materials used to make the sscs5 are very durable and of high quality. The portability allows you to move the speaker almost anywhere. The speakers are also versatile and its known as one of the best speakers with versatility.

The speaker has tweeters, the tweeters in this speaker help in providing a wider soundstage. The pressure of tweeters is also high . There is a magnet circuit integration that helps in weight reduction to ensure that the sound delivered is excellent. A CCAW is also found in the voice coil. The sscs3 also has a bass reflex wooden veneer enclosure that ensures that the bass produced balance out very well. It comes with a 5.12-inch subwoofer that is made of silicon steel. 

The following are the specs and features of the Sony sscs3:

  • Maximum power of 145 w
  • Speaker impedance of 6 oms
  • 3-way floor standing speaker system
  • Frequency response of 45hz to 50khz
  • 5.12-inch woofer (silicon steel plate)
  • Bass reflex wooden veneer enclosure
  • 4-way driver speaker system
  • 14.2 x 11.6 x 40.2 inches

Pros and cons


  • The sound delivered is very clear, crisp and can get loud
  • It has a design that is durable, solid, well made and can fit in almost any home entertainment
  • It is portable and versatile
  • The sscs3 is compact
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Can get too loud sometimes

The Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker.

The Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf is among many of Klipsch’s growing list of speakers that are available on the market. Whether you are looking for a solid pair of Klipsch speakers that have Dolby Atmos support or an affordable and budget bookshelf speaker set would have usually come at a higher price than the others, you will find them here.

Other Klipsch speakers are the black edition, these Klipsch speakers are priced reasonably, however, the competition is too much due to their price range. When looking at the Klipsch speakers, the base is what will determine the speaker’s sound quality. 

Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker Design And Build Quality.

The Klipsch speaker is a little larger in size as compared to most speakers. The speaker has a grille, this grille will also make your speaker to gleam when you have turned it on. On its feet, there are aluminum rails that help in holding the speaker, these rails also hold this speaker at a certain angle. It has a tractrix horn tweeter and copper cones, there is also a copper ring on the copper cons as well as on the tractrix horn. 

The Klipsch has a weight of about 60 lbs. The cabinet is made of medium-density fibreboard. This is very good for bracing and paneling. This material also helps in reducing resonance. On the sides of the speaker, you find cross braces and vertical braces that also work to reduce resonance. The build quality is good. The materials used have high quality and do not easily get damaged. 

The following are the specs and features of the Klipsch.

  • 8 ohms impedance
  • 32hz to 25khz frequency response
  • 1750hz crossover frequency
  • Bass enclosure type and mdf (medium density fibreboard)
  • 60 lb weight
  • Cerametallic cone woofers
  • 98db sensitivity
  • 150/600 power handling (cont/peak)

Audio quality

The Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf speaker delivered impressive sounds. The speaker has 8-inch woofers that help in handling the bass and ensuring that it is well balanced and stable. It has two woofers in total that are made up of cerametallic. The cerametallic helps in making sure that the cone is stiff so that the nodes can go at a higher frequency without damaging the cone. 

The Klipsch speakers have horns, these horns ensure that the sound quality delivered by these Klipsch speakers is excellent. The horns are divided into two sections, there is a copper ring that does the dividing. There is an inner section as well as an outer section of the horn.

The inner part is the horns through and made up of plastic material, it also has a conical shape. This shape is very important because it helps in ensuring that there are less diffractions on the sound waves that are coming from the tweeter.

The outer art helps on reducing resonance, this part is like the mouth of the horn and it is made of softer material. Its shape is orthogonal. The speakers also support bi amplifying. It has ports that can be mounted on the terminal cup.

All the features that the Klipsch has makes it a very powerful speaker. The speaker can also get very loud and this is achieved through the presence of the tractrix horn which is usually found in loudspeakers. The tractrix horn also makes sure that waves coming out of the horn are perpendicular to its edges there by reducing reflections or diffractions. 


Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Pros And Cons.


  • It has a good sensitivity that is above average
  • Offers a wide dynamic range
  • The speaker has dispersion which is well controlled
  • The sounds delivered are neutral and accurate
  • Reasonably priced


  •  the 98db sensitivity is lacking in terms of context


Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speaker and Sony SSCS5 are very good speakers. The speakers are priced reasonably and have very good features to improve the sound in your home. The Klipsch delivers great sound quality with an impressive performance.

It also has a sensitivity range that is above average, the sounds are dynamic and provide a wider sound stage. It also ensures that the sounds produced are neutral as well as accurate. On the other hand, the SSCs5 also delivers excellent sounds, the sound stage is wide and the sounds that it produces are crisp, clean as well as clear. It also has a good frequency response and the bass is well balanced. However, it can sometimes get too loud.

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