Mpow Wireless Headphones: How To Connect Mpow Bluetooth Headphones?

How To Connect Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow Bluetooth headphones are good headphones that come at an affordable price point. These headphones boast a lot of features including battery life, noise isolation, design, sound quality, and more. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 for connection. You might not have any idea how to connect Mpow Bluetooth headphones to your device. This article explains how they can be paired to your devices. 

The first thing is to turn the headphones on, it will automatically enter pairing mode. Turn your device Bluetooth, select pair new device, then click the Mpow headphones on your list of found Bluetooth. You will also hear a voice telling you your device is connected once a connection is done. A blue light indicator shows that the connection is successful.

Pairing the mpow bluetooth headphones to your smartphone

  1. If you are pairing these headphones to your device, first turn on the headphones. You can power them using the power button on the headphones. You should press it for up to 3 seconds. A message will tell you that they are powered on and it will enter a pairing mode.

You should stop pressing the button when you see the red and blue lights flashing. 

  1. The turn-on your smartphones Bluetooth. You should put it in discoverable mode so that it easily pairs to your headphones.
  2. The third step is to pair your device to your smartphone you should click the button that says pair a new device. Click on the MPOW headphones on your list of available devices. Sometimes the model number of the headphones will appear instead of the headphones name.

Once the headphones are connected successfully. You will hear a voice telling you that they are “connected”. A blue light indicator shows that the connection is successful. 

Pairing the Mpow to your Laptop

Below is a detailed guide on how to pair headphones to laptops using the Mpow wireless headphones:

Step 1: Make sure that your Mpow headphones are in pairing mode. Start by turning on the headphones. You will hear the message “power on”. Then press the power button for 3 seconds. You will then hear a message that says “pairing” 

If this is not your first time pairing the headphones to any other device. You press the power button for up to 7 seconds in order to put it into pairing mode. 

Step 2: Make sure that the Bluetooth on your Laptop device is on. You should do this by going to Bluetooth settings on your laptop device. 

Step 3: Pair your Bluetooth device with the headphones

. First, click on the add Bluetooth or other devices in your laptop’s Bluetooth settings. Then choose the headphones so that they can be paired to your device. 

Step 5: You will hear a message that says “connected” when the headphones are paired.  You can now start enjoying your audio since the Bluetooth headphones are successfully paired to your laptop.

Before pairing the headphones, you need to make sure that the headphones are off. The next time you are connecting the headphones, they will automatically connect to your device once they are powered on. 

How To Connect Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

About the Mpow Wireless Headphones

Design and comfort

These are some of the best Bluetooth headphones that are available. These headphones come in a box that includes a 3.5mm audio cable, a charging cable as well as a carrying case. This headphone can be used using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable. 

They have a comfortable design, with a headband made with soft padding to ensure comfort. They are made of hard plastic and durable material. The material can is able to withstand drops, and can also be folded hence very easy to store and travel with. The ear cups are very soft and will feel good and comfortable after prolonged hours. The design of these headphones is durable and competitive. 

The Mpow headphones have a sturdy design and are made of a plastic build. The plastic is shiny and gives them a beautiful look. The headphones have an overhead design. This also ensures comfortability but for some people who wear glasses, the design might be uncomfortable. The earpads are very large. They are designed to ensure that there is long-lasting comfort on your ears. The manufacturer recommends that you do not wear these headphones for a very long time because they can sometimes be uncomfortable

Sound Quality

The Mpow Bluetooth headphones sound really good. They produce sound with a lot of bass. The mids and the highs are excellent in these headphones. The sound stage is not very wide but the performance is well. 

These headphones boast 40mm, neodymium drivers. They also have a CSR Bluetooth chip. These help to give you warm and well-detailed sounds. The sound output is amazing and a great sound experience in all genres. The headphones have controls located on the side and are very easy to use. 

Battery life

The Mpow Bluetooth headphones have a great battery life, the battery life can last is up to 13 hours with a charging time of about 3.5 hours. The headphones have a 420 mAh battery. The battery also has a 5 volts voltage. The 3.5mm aux cable can be used if your run out of battery or simply want to save the battery.


The Mpow Bluetooth headphones are equipped with very good features that make them one of the best Bluetooth headphones are available. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, passive noise canceling, great battery life, and many great features. 

Bluetooth 4.0 technology:

The headphones have Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a CSR chip built-in. The Bluetooth connection is very strong, reliable, and secure. Pairing these headphones to your devices is a very simple and easy process. The headphones have a wide Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters (33 feet). You easily use them away from your phone. 

Passive noise cancelling technology:

Mpow headphones do not have active noise-canceling technology but have an overhead and closed-out design. They have ear cups made of protein foam, this helps to cancel out the noise. This allows you to easily concentrate on your phone calls or audio listening.

Built in Mic:

It also has a built-in microphone, you are able to make and answer calls with these headphones. The call quality of the headphones is very impressive, the microphone can be found in the left ear cup. The microphone allows you to hear the person on the other end loud and clearly. The microphone does not work when you are using the 3.5mm cable.


The Mpow Bluetooth headphones have a foldable design, this allows you to fold them away easily making them very portable. Folding them is very easy and can easily fit into the traveling bag, keeping them safe when you are on a trip. 


The headphones have very lightweight. They are very portable and only weigh about 0.69lb.  This design allows you to carry them almost anywhere with you. They will not cause your bag to feel heavy and their lightweight also adds some sort of comfortability when using them.

Performance of Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow headphones have very good features, from stylish designs to performance. They come at an affordable price point for the performance that they give. The sound experience from the Mpow headphones is interestingly powerful especially on all kinds of music genres. If you want noise isolation headphones, then Mpow will deliver, it will help to ensure you are not disturbed by outside noises. They have a microphone that guarantees high call quality.

The controls

The Mpow headphone control can be a little tricky if you are not familiar with the button design. You can easily use the buttons to increase and reduce the volume, change the tracks, power the headphones, pause/play, and also answer calls from your device. When you power the headphones, you will notice a blue light that will light up. The headphones will flash red and blue when they are in pairing mode.

The controls do not work when you are using the headphones in wired mode. There you have to use your phone or a PC to change the tracks and volume when you are using them in wired mode. 

Pros and Cons of Mpow Bluetooth Headphone


  • Decent sound quality
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology and CSR chop
  • Long lasting battery Iife
  • Good passive sound isolation


  • They can sometimes be uncomfortable
  • Ear cushions can be small for other people
  • Controls do not work in wired mode
  • Microphone does not work on wired mode


The Mpow Bluetooth headphones are a very good choice for anyone looking for affordable wireless headphones. These headphones have a powerful sound, a stylish design, and other great features. Pairing them to your devices is an easy task and they will give you a stable connection. You need to make sure that both devices are in the same range for easy connection. 

Always make sure the Bluetooth is turned on whenever you want to establish a connection. Sometimes the connection process can be a hassle, therefore,  you may need to reset the headphones on your laptop and on your phone and reconnect them. These headphones use Bluetooth connectivity 4.0. They also have a Bluetooth CSR chip. The cal quality provided is excellent and allows the person on the other end to hear you clearly. 

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