Logitech G935 Wireless Headphones vs. Arctis Pro

Logitech G935 Wireless Headphones vs. Arctis Pro

Gamers who are constantly looking for the best performing gaming gadgets will agree with me that it is not always easy to find the right gaming accessories. Just like finding the right gaming headset, certain features come to mind especially when you have to compare. I understand that, and I also understand why someone will want to know between the Logitech G935 Wireless Headphones vs. Arctis Pro which is the better? I went in to do some research just as I did with my recent review on Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless vs. Astro A50 to find the best. Below is what I think is a better option between Logitech G935 and Arctis Pro wireless.

From my research, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is better for gamers wireless headphones, the reasons are, the Arctis Pro is more comfortable for long hours game players, the microphone is more clearer, and the sound is good with noise cancelling. When it comes to sound, the G935 is also good for general purposes, but I’d recommend the Artis Pro wireless headphone.


Logitech G935

As you know, the brand name is Logitech with model number G935, design with advanced Logitech audio technology which makes the G935 an ultimate gaming wireless headset for pro gamers and newbies. What I noticed with the headphones is the clear and detailed sound thanks to the large 50 mm Pro-G drivers. The headset has a fully customizable LightSync RGB and design with woven hybrid mesh which helps in reducing distortion. 

As a fan of ANC, I always want to see every headset with this feature, but the G935 has passive noise cancellation instead which is good, but that means you still hear normal dimming sounds. The headphones were not hard for me to set up, and I was able to adjust almost everything like the headband and equalizer settings. The only downside is that it has no noise cancellation, which means it can’t block out outside noise and a bit big and heavy. 

Arctis Pro 

The brand name is Steeseries and the model name is Arctis Pro Wireless, I first came across this headset while comparing it with the Astro A50, the Arctis pro was always standing out as the better option. Maybe it is because of the rock-solid design, the 2.4G wireless audio gaming, a Bluetooth connection, and the headset is equipped with the right features.

One thing that makes the SteelSeries Arctis Pro stand out is how comfortable it fits with noise-cancelling, giving a boost to the passive noise reduction while using the headset. I must say this while wearing the headset, I realized I couldn’t hear myself, that is how good they are at keeping out noise. The downside is that because it seals out outside noise very well, you can’t hear your voice, this can be good for some, but not everyone.

Size and Weight Logitech G935 ve Arctis Pro

Logitech G935SteelSeries Arctis Pro
Weight13.4 oz.14.4 oz.
Depth3.43 inch.3.5 inch.
Height7.4 inch.6.5 inch.
Width7.67 inch.7.4 inch.


Logitech G935 performance

When it comes to performance, the G935 is not left behind, the sound is clear with an adjustable sound and heavy bass which I can change. If you want boomy headphones then this G935 is worth a try. This is a closed-back gaming headset and one should expect a closed soundstage, but instead, it feels open, making it lose few sound details.  

Arctis Pro performance

For the Arctis Pro performance, the ear cushions and comfortable headband makes the headset seal leakage and increase sound quality. I can say quite comfortably that I like the sound from Arctis Pro better because of how crisp and clear the sound, and also how it isolates external noise. The table below outlines how the performance of these two gaming headsets differs. 

Logitech G935Arctis Pro
Minimum frequency response20 Hz10 Hz
Maximum frequency response20 KHz40 KHz
Sensitivity93 dB102 dB
Impedance39 Ω32 Ω
Driver50 mm40 mm
Microphone-39 dB-38 dB


Logitech G935 microphone

The Logitech G935 microphone is very good with a clear voice, the sound is very decent with nice features like been able to fold away easily. Even though some gamers complain it lacks colour tones and having a pilot-like sound. To me, it’s all about choice, the game, and the environment. My little experiment was done in an empty room with just me, a gaming laptop and a headset, the echo in the room makes it sound like a pilot, but in my sitting room, it sounded very good.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro microphone

With the Arctis Pro, the microphone is pretty loud, clear, and noise reduced. When I try to speak with my friend Peter, the first thing he said was ” I can hear you very clearly”, that is how clear this headset is. The microphone is retractable which deserves a thumbs up, it is flexible and has good placement. 


Logitech G935 features

Anyone familiar with Logitech knows they are good with tech gadgets, some of the good jobs they have done with the headset are the features such as removable backlit custom tags, the boom mic mute LED, flip-up microphone, and DTS headphone:X 2.0. It uses a 3.5 USB, with controls such as programmable G-keys, volume wheels, and an On/Off wireless switch. The wireless connectivity and range are very good, you can easily walk around the house without having any problems.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro features

You cant take away comfortability from the Arctis pro, the reason why most gamers prefer this headset is that they can wear it all day and still have nothing to worry about. Some of the great features are the dual wireless technology, the Hi-Res speaker drivers, DTS headphone:X v2.0, and 3.5 optical wireless USB. Some of the controls include Bluetooth button control, volume control, mic mute, and power button. There is much to love about the Arctis Pro like the retractable microphone, adjustable EQ, and a clean USB sound card. 

Arctis Pro Wireless uses a wireless station that can also be plugged into the computer, you can control the volume, recharge the batteries and adjust the EQ with the station.


Logitech G935 wireless headphone: PS4, Xbox, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Mobile devices.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless: PS4 Pro, PS4, PC, Mac. 


Logitech G935 headphone battery life

I know every gamer out there will want to know what the battery life is like. Well, on a single charge the battery can last up to 12 hours when the lights are off, then I got 11 hours when the lights are on. This is contrary to Logitech’s claim of 8 hours with lights on, but if you compare that to other headphones with 30 hours, you will find out that’s too low. 

Arctis Pro Wireless battery life 

The Arctis Pro has two interchangeable batteries, each battery on a single charge can last up to 10 hours, with the two batteries you get 20 hours. The downside is, when one battery flats out, you will have to switch to the extra battery, this can be good for some and not for others. If you want to get 20 hours of playtime and not minding the change, then Arctis is good, if not, go for Logitech G935. 

Can you use Logitech G935 Wired?

Yes, you can use the Logitech G935 wired, you get a wire that comes with the headphone that can be plugged into the headphone and computer. You can either use it as wireless or plug the cable in and use it as wired.

Is Arctis Pro Wireless noise cancelling?

The Arctis Pro has a passive noise reduction, it seals off external noise and you can’t even hear your voice. The headset does well with noise cancelling through the airtight ear cup cushion. 


Logitech G935 headset has advanced Logitech audio technology for the ultimate gaming experience and clear detail sounds thanks to the large 50 mm Pro-G drivers and a fully customizable LightSync RGB. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless has a rock-solid design with 2.4G wireless audio gaming, Bluetooth connection, and a comfortable fit with noise-cancelling and a boost to the passive noise reduction. Logitech G935 microphone is very good with clean voice, Arctis Pro microphone is pretty loud and clear. If after reading this and you still can’t decide, then I recommend you go for the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless.

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