Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Powerbeats Pro (Which Is Better?)

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Powerbeats Pro

The reasons for owning a headphone varies from person to person and for what purpose. That is why comparing headphones is very important if you want to meet your need. You can easily find office headphones, headphones for workouts, or swimming headphones. That is where purpose plays a vital role in choosing. For this article, we shall compare these two headphones, Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Powerbeats Pro to find out which you can go for.

The Jaybird Tarah Pro and the Powerbeats Pro are very good sports earphones. The Jaybird Tarah Pro stands out as the best between the two, because it has a versatile fit, longer battery life, greater audio quality, and have better water resistance. 

Comparison Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Powerbeats Pro

Specs and FeaturesJaybird Tarah ProPowerbeats Pro 
DesignIn-ear designIn-ear design
Water ratingIPX7IPX4
Battery life14 hours15 hours
Weight0.61 oz0.93 oz
Quick charging5 mins give 2 hours5 mins give 1 hour
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Companion appJaybird AppNo companion app


Winner: Powerbeats Pro

When it comes to the design, the Jaybird Tarah Pro stands out from the Powerbeats Pro. The Tarah Pro has an in-ear design, this is also very comfortable and allows you to adjust the fit. 

Both earphones have good build quality, are water-resistant, and can easily be put in your pocket because of their smaller size. You can easily manage the cable because of the magnetic earpieces on Jaybird Pro for security. They also have an auto-pause. 

The Powerbeats Pro also has a good sports design and also has its own advantages. These headphones have hooks that ensure their stability. With these headphones, you can easily summon Siri hands-free, which is great if you are using an iOS device. They also come with other ear tip sizes, so that you can use them if the other one is not a comfortable fit for you. 

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Powerbeats Pro
Jaybird Tarah Pro

Comfortability and Fit: Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Powerbeats Pro

Winner: Jaybird Tarah Pro

Both of these headphones are wireless headphones with an in-ear design. However, they also have cables that are used to connect the earpieces, while the cable goes around your neck.

Both of these headphones provide a very comfortable fit to your ears even after wearing them for prolonged hours. They are also very stable, however, when it comes to fitness the Jaybird Tarah Pro beats the Powerbeats Pro. This is due to the light and shallow design, it also makes it feel very comfortable when you use them for long hours.  They also have ear fins that give them a secure fit, the three tip ear sizes allow the user to choose one which gives the most comfortable fit. 

These headphones have a cable clip as well as a shirt clip that is used to change the tightness of the cable and add security respectively. With the rotation capabilities, you can wear them over your ears or under your ears. 

On the other hand, the Powerbeats Pro also has a great fit, it has an ear tip that enters deep into your ear canal. This is one of the reasons why the Jaybird Tarah Pro is better, unlike the Powerboat Pro which creates some discomfort when used for a very long time. 

The Powerbeats Pro has an ear hook design, this gives the headphones a secure and stable fit. They also come with four extra ear tips. There is also one double flange ear tip. When compared to the Tarah Pro, the headphone has a heavier weight. They also lack options like cable adjustment clips. 

When it comes to portability, both of these headphones are very portable and suitable for sporty activities every day. 


Winner: Jaybird Tarah Pro

When it comes to the build quality, the Jaybird Tarah Pro stands out again, it is more rugged when compared to the Powerbeats Pro. Both have a waterproof design with an IPX7 rating. They also have a strong cable. 

The cable is reflective, therefore you can easily see it where there is no light. They also have magnetic earpieces that are very easy to manage since they can be snapped together. 

The Powerbeats Pro also gave a good build quality. These headphones have an aesthetic design that makes them look catchy. They have sturdy earpieces that are made from plastic material. 

They have a cable that is made of rubber. These are also water-resistant but have a rating of IPX4 which is not as good as that of Jaybird Tarah pro. 


Winner: Both

Both of these headphones have great and user-friendly controls. The controls on the headphones are very responsive and the distinguishing factor is how the controls are implemented on the headphones. The Jaybird Tarah Pro has an inline remote whereas the Powerbeats Pro has its controls on the earpieces. 

The inline remote on the Jaybird Tarah Pro has three buttons. These are used for answering calls, changing the tracks, adjusting the volume as well as activating the voice assistant. The button on the middle is also used as a power button or Bluetooth pairing button. All these controls are very easy to use and friendly. 

The Powerbeats Pro has on-ear controls that are very easy to use. On the right earpiece, you will find a multifunction button and a volume rocker. The multifunction button is for activating the voice assistant, making calls, and changing the tracks. On the left earpiece, there is a power or Bluetooth pairing button. 


Winner: Jaybird Tarah Pro

The sound produced by the Jaybird Tarah Pro is bass-heavy, good for people who like to listen to bass-heavy music. It also makes them a great pair of headphones for workouts. There is also a Jaybird MySound app that can be used to customize the EQ settings. 

The Powerbeats Pro, on the other hand, produces a sound that is natural. This makes it sound very pleasant for almost all music genres. The bass produced is also accurate. They have flat and balanced mid-range levels. They also have a very wide sound stage. These headphones do not come with a companion app that you can use to modify the sounds. 


Winner: Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro has a longer battery life than the Tarah Pro. The battery life of the Powerboats is 15 hours and only requires two hours to be charged completely. The quick charging feature gives you 1 hour after 5 minutes. 

The Jaybird Tarah Pro has a slightly shorter battery life as compared to the Powerbeats Pro. Their battery life is 14 hours on a single charge. Just like the Powerbeats Pro, it also has a charging time of two hours. 

It also has a quick charging feature. It will give you one hour of playtime when you charge them for 5 minutes. These also have an auto-off feature that helps to save the battery. They will automatically be turned off when they stay inactive for a very long time. 

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs Powerbeats Pro
Powerbeats Pro


Winner: Jaybird Tarah Pro

In this category, both of the earphones use Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. However, the wireless range is different with the Jaybird Pro Tarah having a wider range than the Powerbeats Pro. 

The Tarah also comes with a companion app called the Jaybird MySound app. With this app, you can customize the sound to what you like. This is also suitable for both Android as well as iOS devices. The application is user-friendly. 

The Powerbeats Pro on the other hand also uses Bluetooth 5.0, but they do not come with a companion app. They work better on iOS devices. 

They have a very stable connection as well as latency which is better on iOS devices. With these earphones, you can also activate Siri voice assistant hands-free. Both of these headphones do not have NFC pairing or multipoint connectivity


Winner: Powerbeats Pro and Jaybird Tarah Pro

The microphone performance of these two earphones is the same. The difference comes in terms of the design. The Jaybird Tara has an inline mic found on the inline remote. 

On the other hand, the Powerbeats Pro has an integrated mic. Both of these mic’s work very well to ensure that your calls are clear. The Powerbeats Pro has a more consistent mic since it is integrated and not affected by any cable. 

The Jaybird Tara pro’s quality will depend on where you have placed the remote. When the remote is further away from your mouth the quality will be less. 


Winner: Powerbeats Pro

Both of the earphones perform very well. In the design category, both of the headphones have a great design. When it comes to the sound quality the Jaybird Tarah Pro has a heavy bass sound, however, they also allow you to customize them. Both have very good noise isolation. They also have a quick charging feature and a greater wireless range. 

The Powerbeats Pro provides a sound that is more neutral. They also have a consistent mic than the Jaybird Tarah pro. Their battery life is a little longer than that of the Jaybird Tarah pro. It’s a great choice for those with Apple devices, it also has an audio sharing feature that works better with iOS devices. 

Are Powerbeats Pro worth the money?

The Powerbeats Pro is worth the money because they have all the right features. Features like sweat resistance, natural sound, long battery life, beautiful and comfortable design, and good performance. The Powerbeats Pro is an all-around earphone you can use anywhere, be it office, train, gym, or airplane.


Choosing between the Jaybird Tarah pro and the Powerbeats Pro is not a very easy choice. This is so because these earphones have great features and performance. The Jaybird Tarah is a very good option if you are looking for earphones that provide a great fit, bass-heavy sounds, and customization. The Powerbeats Pro is a great choice for those looking for headphones that have a more consistent mic, longer battery life, and neutral sounds. It is also better if you have apple devices. Therefore, the choice you make will greatly be influenced by what you are looking for in your earphones. 

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