How to create a welcome channel in Your Discord server Using the Mee6 bot.

Creating a welcome channel on Discord, a popular VoIP and chat platform that allows gamers to communicate with one another for the purpose of gaming opens up great opportunities for community admins to set out rules and guides for each community subscriber.

So, If you use Discord, and plan to grow a community, you might want to consider setting up a welcome channel on your Discord server.

That way you can automate channel announcements of new members but also show newbies where to find useful information about your community. This article will demonstrate how to do so with the Mee6 bot.

Typically, creating a Discord welcome channel using Mee6 bot includes:

  •  To Create your welcome channel on Discord, start by opening your server right-click on the left server panel and create a new channel.
  • In the Channel settings, choose text channel and name it.
  • Press create channel when finished drag the channel to the top of the list this will make it the default channel new users will see.
  • Select the welcome channel and open the settings via the gear icon.
  • Choose permissions and then click on advanced permissions select the everyone role and disable the option to send messages.
  • Make sure to enable the read message history options save and close.
  • Next, open your web browser and head to the official Mee6 page and press app to discord.
  • Mee6 may ask you to sign into your discord account first once logged in press authorize, and make sure you’ve selected the correct the server then press setup.
  • Press setup mee6 next to the appropriate server make any adjustments to the bot’spermissions then scroll down and authorize or verify if necessary.
  • You should now be directed to the dashboard where you can check that mee6 has been added to your the server.
  • Then return to the dashboard choose the welcome plugin turn on send a message when a user joins the server use the drop menu on the left to select your welcome channel enter your custom welcome message in the box provided.
  • You will notice that the default message has symbols surrounding the words user and server these tell the bot to source this info directly from discord.
  • You can also use hashtags to include a clickable link directly to another channel scroll down and you will see other options for customizing your welcome message I’ll be leaving them all turned off for now.
  • Finally, press save to confirm your welcome channel will now be open and working.

STEP#1: Start by logging into your welcome channel on Discord, start by opening your server.

To create your welcome channel using the Mee6 bot, your Discord server must be up and running. Each server has its own dedicated Mee6 bot, so you will need to start by opening your own server.

The easiest way to do this is to log in with the account that you have used for your Discord account, or if you are already logged in, click on the cog near the top right of the screen.

This will open the Server Settings panel, where you can click on Open Server to access your server settings. Click on any of the channels in the list on the left of the page to make it active, and then click on Open Server at the bottom of this list.

STEP #2: Create a new channel.

Once the server is open, create a new channel. To do this, right-click on the left panel in your server to open the dropdown menu. This will display all of the channels currently active in your server.

Right-click on any one of these and choose Create Channel to create a new one. For this example, I have created a channel called Welcome.

STEP #3: Drag your new channel to the top of the list.

Once you have created your new channel, right-click on its name and select Layout from the menu. This will open a panel with Channel Settings for this particular channel.

Scroll down and choose Members to open this panel and scroll down to Displayed in Members List. Check the checkbox for this then close the panel.

Your new channel should now be at the top of your active channels list, and anyone who joins your server will see it appear as their first choice of channel. We’re going to change this though, so that it is not displayed as a default option to our users.

               STEP #4: Select the Welcome plugin.

From your dashboard, select the welcome plugin and turn it on. Next, scroll down to Select Your Welcome Message and type in a message or use some of the hashtags to insert clickable links to another channel such as general or private chat depending on where you want new members to go when they join your server.

               STEP #5: Authorize or Verify the Mee6 bot.

Finally, scroll down to Authorized & Verified Users and check that Mee6 has been added to your Discord Server. If you need more help with this step, please refer to our guide on How To Manage Your Server Permissions with the Mee6 bot .

The welcome channel is now active on your Discord server, so anyone who joins will see your custom message no matter which channel they first visit. You can even link directly to other channels by inserting hashtags into the text that you enter in STEP #4.

To do this, just prefix the channel name with a hashtag. For example, type #general or #private to link directly to those channels (see our guide on how to create custom hashtags for more information).

There you have it – now your business or brand has its own personalized welcome message on Discord!

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