How To Clear Recently Watched Programs On Xfinity Stream Or Netflix?

How To Clear Recently Watched Programs On Xfinity Stream Or Netflix?

Ever wondered how clearing your recently watched programs on Xfinity Stream Or Netflix works?

Clearing your recently watched video streams or programs on streaming services like Netflix, Apple, Roku, and many more is part and parcel of good housekeeping. So, whether you’re watching your TV programs on Netflix or XFINITY stream (or just about any streaming service), it’s crucial that you develop a habit of clearing your most recently watched streams.

Why Clear Recently Watched Streams On Xfinity or Netflix?

 Clearing recently watched streams on Xfinity or Netflix is important, especially for somebody who has a family where you’re sharing the same streaming service account. The family shared accounts and some of the content you’ve previously watched over the week or maybe last night could have been adult content that you don’t want your kids to see. 

So making sure that you clear out that recently watched streams on your Xfinity is vital. But how do you clear recently watched films or programs on streaming services like Xfinity and Netflix? 

Clearing Last Watched History On Xfinity Stream

There really are a few simple steps that you can follow to clear out your recently watched video streams:

Press the Last Button On the Xfinity Remote Control.

Your Xfinity came with a remote control which you can use to trigger prompts off your Xfinity streaming app and clear out all of the recently watched programs or select the ones you want to be deleted.

The first thing for those of you who are using Xfinity streaming service when you’re clearing out recently watched streams is to press the last button of your remote control, and when you press this button it triggers a menu that shows you a record of all the programs that you’ve been watching for the last week or for the last 7 days.

On the popup, you have an opportunity to jumping into step two, which is to use the left arrows or the right arrows on the remote control button to highlight the channels/ all the videos or whatever streams are appearing on there for you to be able to have them deleted.

Once you select the channels or programs that you want to have cleared out of your watched video history, on Xfinity streaming Service. Just go ahead and press the button which in many cases is green in color, it’s diamond-shaped and it’s always at the bottom of the remote control

Simply press that button and then a pop-up will show up that will give you an option of hitting the delete button.

Now if your intention is to only delete all of the channel’s recent streams or the program you watched for the entire week, what you need to do is highlight just that particular channel and then go ahead and press OK to either delete all channels or to delete all recently watched channel programs. 

In most cases, you want to select a few recently streamed programs and delete them, leaving others you want for the keeps. What you need to do is just to select using the right arrows to highlight a clear or delete your recent streams and then you go ahead and press OK 

  1. Navigate To The Streams: The key here is that you use the remote control’s left arrow or right arrow button on the remote to highlight a channel or program and press the button (the green, diamond-shaped button towards the bottom of the remote.)

Now, to make sure that everything has been cleared when you press OK, a pop-up is going to come up, and then you will be requested, or it will prompt you to confirm whether you want to delete or cancel the deletion. 

Once you confirm to delete all the programs that you selected in the first place, your recent streams or watched programs on Xfinity will be deleted.

How To Delete Or Hide Netflix Recently Watched Streams And Videos?

Deleting historical streams on Netflix is slightly different from how you delete recently watched programs on Xfinity Stream. So, with Netflix, navigate to your channel and highlight just that channel/program, then press OK. To delete all channels/programs, use the right-arrow to highlight Clear all history and press OK.

The moment you press ok to delete, a confirmation message suddenly displays to ascertain your last actions to your Netflix. Now that you know how to delete recently watched programs off your Netflix account, let’s look at how you can hide recently watched titles instead of clearing out your recently watched streams?

When you hide titles from your viewing activity:

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a cake and eat it! So if you are caught between keeping your weird Netflix binge habits, and deleting your favorite on Netflix, you can simply hide them out from others. 

That way, you get a clean slate of your account as your recently watched videos and program series won’t appear on Netflix as a TV show or movie you’ve recently watched.

As Netflix uses your historical streaming to make recommendations to you in the future, when you choose to clear out or hide recently watched streams, they won’t show up or recommend them unless you re-watch them again. This is very common with TV series where you watch episodes progressively over time.

The moment you choose to hide or clear your recently watched streams, Netflix will purge all the data and your account will lose the Continue Watching from where you left. Instead, if it is a series of episodes, the first one will show and you will have to skip to your last episode.

How To Hide Titles From Your Netflix’s Recent viewing activity?

For best results, always use your laptop or tablet to hide or clear out titles of recently watched programs using your favorite web browser, go to access your Netflix account page.

STEP 1: Open Profile & Parental Controls-  Navigate to the profile you want to update and hide titles. Look out for your viewing activity backlog to see your past weeks or month’s streaming activity log.

STEP 2: Open Viewing Activity for that profile- Once you get access to your activity page, Navigate down to the icon that you need to click to activate the hide icon which is situated next to the episode or title of your last activity that needs to be hidden. 

Now, though hiding an entire episode makes sense, the downside of this feature is every time you re-watch the hidden episode, you’ll have to hide it again, but if you are not bothered repeating this over and over, see the option to hide the entire series and all you have to do is toggle it to hide the entire series.

The last option is ideal for those who want to go nuclear and hide all of your viewing activity, and in this case, you will need to select the Hide all option at the bottom of the page and confirm that you want your entire Netflix streaming activity must be hidden.

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