How Do I Pair My Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones To My iPhone?

How Do I Pair My Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones To My iPhone

If you have Skullcandy crusher headphones, you may find problems in pairing your headphones to your iPhone. To answer the question, How Do I Pair My Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones To My iPhone? This article explains how you can pair the Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones with your iPhone device. 

  1. On your Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones, press a button that is circular for up to 3 seconds until a LED light starts to flush. The LED light indicates that the wireless headphones are in pairing mode. 
  2. The next step is to turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone device. Then find the Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones on your phone. To turn on the Bluetooth, Go to settings and then press Bluetooth. 
  3. Then search for the Skullcandy wireless headphones to pair them with your device. Look for it in the “Other devices” category. After that, press on headphones. This will connect it to your device. 
  4. The LED light will stop blinking if the headphones are connected to your device. You will also hear a voice telling you that the headphones are connected to your iPhone. 

If you are still facing problems after following all these steps, then you should try resetting the headphones. To reset the headphones you should press the volume buttons at the same time for up to 4 seconds, stop when you hear two beeps. After that, you should follow the same steps to connect the device.

You can also follow the following tips if you are still facing trouble:

  1. You need to make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on before you can start pairing your device. If the Bluetooth is not turned on, you should turn it on.
  2. Make sure that the discoverable mode is turned on. You should turn this feature on so that your device is easily recognized. You do this by going to your phone’s Bluetooth settings. 
  3. The two devices that you are trying to pair should not be very far away from one another. Make sure that they are within a close range such as not five feet apart from one another.
  4. Reboot the devices. Resetting the device can also solve problems with pairing the device. With your iPhone, you can easily turn on the airplane mode and turn it off again. 
  5. Make sure that both of the devices are charged. It is possible that your device has smart features that can turn off the Bluetooth when you are running low on battery. Therefore, make sure that it is well charged and the battery is at a good level.
  6. Rediscover the device on your iPhone. Forgetting and then rediscovering a device on your iPhone can help to solve the pairing problem. You can go to settings, tap the device’s name and then forget it. When this process is done. You should redo all the steps explained to pair the device. 
  7. Try getting away from devices that use the same spectrum such as a WiFi router when trying to pair your devices. This is because such devices can interfere with each other causing pairing problems
  8. The devices you are pairing should also be able to connect with each other. You can check the manual in order to be sure about the kinds of devices that your headphones can connect to. 

About the Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones

The Skullcandy crusher is a very good pair of headphones. These offer very good sound quality and their design is durable. The headphones have a lot of features and come at an affordable price. The Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones have a weight of 277.8g. They have a battery life of up to 40 hours. They are 17.8 cm high, 17cm wide, and 8.9cm deep. 

How Do I Pair My Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones To My iPhone
Skullcandy Crusher

Design of the Skullcandy crusher

The Skullcandy crusher is made of good quality materials. They have an attractive look with some skulls and stitchings. The headband of the headphones is made of plastic. It also has a glossy white and matte black finish.

They have a flexible design that allows them to be folded making them travel-friendly. They come in many colors such as white, red and black. There are also different variants that you can choose them including snakeskin and Realtree camo. 

The headphones have a durable design and can last for a very long time. The ear-cups provide a very comfortable fit to the ears. The foam that they have ensures that they do not provide any discomfort to your ears. The controls are located on the ear cups.

You will find an audio jack that allows you to listen passively. You can also adjust the bass by using a slider on the headphones. There is also a bass port for adjusting the bass on your headphones.

The padding is made of leather material and foam. This feels soft and comfortable around your ears. Their lightweight ensures that they don’t feel heavy on your head. 

Battery Life

The Skullcandy crushers have an AA battery. It has a long battery life of about 40 hours. The headphone’s battery also plays a role in powering the haptic feedback effect. It has an audio jack that you can use when you run out of battery. The headphones have a power-saving feature, they cut off the bass effect when no source has been connected to the headphones.

The Skullcandy crusher also has an amplifier. The amplifier helps in improving the audio quality. There is a fast charging mode that you can use if you forgot to charge your headphones and are running late. You get 3 hours of playtime when you charge the headphones for 10 minutes. 


They can be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. You can easily stream music via Bluetooth technology by simply pairing them to your devices. The headphones are very easy to pair. You have to pair them manually but the process is very simple and quick. The headphones come with a bag for storing the headphones. This bag also has compartments to keep the cables. 

Audio Quality

Crushers boast a sensation 55 driver that does a very good job at producing sounds. The sound produced has rich bass. These headphones also have a haptic feedback feature. Hence, the bass can actually be felt. The amplifier in these headphones also helps in improving the sound performance.

On the back of the left ear-cup, there is a slider that you can use to control the haptic feedback. The Skullcandy crusher sounds great when the bass slider is not on. The sound is also warm and detailed. It has a wide sound stage and gives great sounds. 

Each of the earcups has a 40mm driver. The sound with the haptic feedback is intense and punchy

Features of the Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones

  1. The Skullcandy crusher has a very long battery life of 40 hours. There is also a quick charging feature for the headphones.
  2. One of the great features Skullcandy crusher has is the haptic feedback. The haptic feedback feature lets you feel the bass. Your headphones will be vibrating so that you can actually feel the bass.
  3. The headphones use Bluetooth connectivity. They have a wide Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet. It does not have support for ACC, LDAC, or AptX.
  4. These headphones can be easily folded. This makes them easy to transport.
  5. You can easily put them in your bag. They also come with a canvas bag which you can store them in.
  6. It comes with a micro USB cable for charging and a 3.5mm cable.
  7. These headphones have a microphone that is very accurate and lets you take calls clearly on both sides. The bass effect cannot be used when you are making calls, therefore it will get disconnected.


The Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones have a great performance overall. They give you a sound that is good with or without the haptic feedback. The sounds are also rich, it sound well on any kind of music. They also have a strong Bluetooth technology and the connection is stable. However, the headphones do not have active noise canceling. Their design lets them have good noise isolation. They are also very good headphones for making clear calls. 

Who should use these headphones?

These headphones can be used by anybody. They are a great choice for people who love to travel around. The headphones have ear pads that are very comfortable and will ensure that you feel comfortable using them during long trips. This also helps in noise reduction so that you are not disturbed by background noises. 

The headphones are also a very good choice if you are looking for budget-friendly headphones at a price range not higher than $100. They also have an adjustable bass with haptic feedback. 


Pairing the Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones to your iPhone is an easy process. All you have to do is ensure that both of your devices are turned on and then follow all the steps that we have outlined for you in this article. If you are still facing problems with connectivity, try other options like resetting your connectivity. We hope this article helped you. 

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