Can you Transfer Discord Server Ownership? ( Explained )

Transferring Discord server ownership usually happens when your server is fully matured into a fully-fledged community or public forum. 

You want a new owner to look after the ever-changing needs of a growing community or perhaps someone to look into it when logged out. 

So, in this article, we will look if it is possible to transfer discord server ownership, why one would want to transfer ownership, and how it can be transferred. Continue reading this article as we go into details on transferring Discord server ownership.

In general, Discord server ownership can be transferred. Influencers and pro gamers tend to transfer Discord server ownership more often than average server owners on the Discord platform. Those who transfer their Discord server ownership can choose to remain a participating member of the server or completely abdicate any roles if they wish to do so. 

The transfer process of any Discord server is very simple and can be done by following all steps required to transfer the server ownership. A server with no owner can still be there for a short period, but it will be deleted by the service in due course.

 What is Discord?

Discord is an application chat that has free video, audio voice, and texting, and it is used by many people who like talking to friends in their communities. Discord is like a home for all groups and the community at large; it is a place where they can spend some quality time and share interests and hobbies. 

It is allowed by those who are at least above the age of 13. Discord is guided by shared interest, and the messages are opt-in; there are no news feeds there or even having endless scrolling.

Servers are niche community groups boards where like-minded individuals gather in one place virtually on a Discord server partition. Most of them are small and require an invite for anyone to join, and as they are private group servers, you can also be unfriended on Discord or kicked out by the admin server. The large servers are for the public, and any user can request their friends to it.

 Transferring Ownership Of A Discord Server.

Discord servers can be transferred in two different ways: Windows and macOS or the iOS/ Android device.

Now, to transfer ownership of a discord server on windows 10 and macOS usually follow the same procedure on transferring Discord servers; all you need to do is:-

  1. Open the Discord app and cross to the server in question using the left–hand server list
  2. Right-click the server’s icon
  3. Hover over the server settings entry
  4. Click on members from the side menu that pops up
  5. Find the server member that you want to transfer the ownership to and over the entry.
  6. Click on the three-dots icon
  7. Select transfer ownership
  8. Confirm the transfer 

How to transfer Discord servers on iOS/ Android

It does not matter on the type of tablet or mobile discord you are using; the process is just the same as the one explained above on mac OS and windows app. Below are the steps to be taken when using an android or ios

  1. The first step is to open the Discord app on your device and log in to your Discord account
  2. Select the server to which you prefer to transfer the ownership from the left–hand list on your device
  3. The follow up with a left swipe to bring up the channel list
  4. Tap the three dots icon at the top of the screen just next to the server’s name
  5. Select settings
  6. Scroll down to the user management and tap member
  7. Tap the name of the one you wish to transfer the ownership
  8. Tap transfer ownership
  9. Confirm if you have provoked

 What happens if you transfer ownership of a Discord server

Once you transfer ownership, you cannot take it back. The only way to take it back is by asking the current owner to pass the control again to you.

Each Discord server is restricted to several four owners, and if there is an ownerless server, it may be there for just a short period, but the service provider shall delete it after a while.

Why would you want to transfer ownership on a server in a Discord?

Transferring ownership of a server on the Discord platform happens by your own will. If your server is fully developed into a public forum, you might need a new owner to be taking care of it or perhaps a close friend to be managing your server when you are not around. 

So, it is essential to at least transfer ownership, and the good part is that four different owners can manage your server, thereby passing responsibilities to each one of them.

What is the risk associated with the transfer of ownership of a server in a Discord.

It should be noted that once you have transferred ownership to another member, all the control you had will be lost instantly despite being the one who created it and even though you had transferred it unknowingly, you still can not have access to control it. The only possible way to get it back is by asking the current owner to pass back the control to you.

Tips for successful transfers

For your transfers to be successful, always follow these tips, and you can still participate in all discussions even though you may not be able to control everything as you used to. They are pretty similar to the ones listed above.

  1. Open the desktop app and sign in
  2. Go to your server on the left side of your screen and click on its icon to open it
  3. Click the name of your server at the top left side and tap on the server settings
  4. Click members under the user management
  5. Put a server member and click the three dots icon to view more options
  6. Click the transfer ownership at the bottom of the choices
  7. Read all the given warnings and accept by clicking the button on the right
  8. Click transfer ownership to confirm it

Things to consider before transferring ownership to your server

For a server to be transferred, it must consider the points below for the transfer to be successful

  • Be a public server
  • The server has to have more than 100 members
  • The previous server owner did not have access to their account for a month or so
  • The new server owner must have administrative permission within the server.


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