Can you hook up PS4 without HDMI?

An HDMI cable is one of the most efficient and convenient methods to connect your PlayStation 4 to any television that has not HDMI port. While it sounds elementary to those who know their way around cable and converters, to the majority of people, HDMI cables Is the only way they know how to hook up a PS4. So, what if your TV has no HDMI port, can you hook up a PS4 without using an HDMI cable?


As a general guide, TVs or monitors without HDM ports can be hooked up to PS4 without HDMI. The use of an HDMI to USB converter is one of the most effective and simplest ways to use a PS4 and a non-HDMI television. Typically, an HDMI converter terminates cables to you monitor or TV using USB cable and port, while the other side of your HDMI to USB converter terminates HDMI cables into your media source. 


My gaming monitor that has no HDMI ports connects the HDMI cable to the PS4 and the HDMI converter to the other end connects to my monitor using optical audio cables. Connect the appropriate cables (in this case, composite cables) to the converter and the other end to the television. These HDMI to USB adapters on Amazon are also a cheaper way to hook up PS4 to monitors with no HDMI ports.

Overall, you can easily hook up your PS4 without the HDMI for that you will need an excellent HDMI to VGA converter of high quality. And then you can easily connect your PS4. This converts the signal into a format that the television can comprehend and show on its screen.

However, when using the converter, you need to be careful because they are directional. Therefore, you must ensure that you obtain HDMI>DVI or HDMI>VGA cable and attach it to any pc monitor or screen that has a video input from the computer. You will not be able to hear anything until you attach the optical audio connection to a pair of speakers.

Setting up remote play

As previously said, it is possible to hook up your PS4 and even play without using an HDMI. However, some configurations need the connection of a display. It is possible to play the game on the PS4 through remote play, which is enabled by the console.

The process of setting up Remote Play is straightforward: initially, install the Remote Play application and afterward login into both your PS4 and your application with the same account.

Merely choose the PS4 console that is currently linked to the account by using the Remote Play button in the application. The on-screen buttons are available, or you may connect Wireless controllers to your tablet and start playing.

Although the process of attaching a controller to the device may vary based on the particular gadget, you can find a variety of instructions on the internet that will walk you through the process step by step. It is no longer necessary to utilize some other display after Remote Play has been set up.

It is possible to use Remote Play on the PlayStation 4, which allows you to play a game that is running on your PS4 with a controller, but which is shown on your smart device through WiFi.

Having a quick physical LAN for your Playstation 4, as well as a very fast and powerful Wifi connection for your monitor screen, and lastly, a gadget which is no outdated than that of the PS4 itself, makes this choice function well.

Because of the inherent limitations of wireless displays, you may experience input latency and reduced frame rates at first. However, as your devices as well as connection specifications increase, these issues will be less noticeable.

Using HDMI to DVI Converter

Since HDMI and DVI convey digitalized signals, if your TV or screen has a DVI input, you should notice good outcomes than you may using other kinds of converters. Furthermore, you must be able to prevent audio degradation which is something you can encounter with other converters.

Because DVI is not commonly used to transmit audio signals, this is a blockbuster approach at the best of times.

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the PS4 and another end to the DVI converter before turning on the system!

After connecting the DVI connection to the converter, some other cable should be connected to the monitor or tv.

Change the input on your screen to the appropriate one and switch on your PlayStation 4. As long as you see the Sony logo, your system is functioning properly.

Despite their effectiveness, none of the strategies outlined above to be expected to work all the time. Although some converters may be effective, you will not be able to enjoy the same high-quality gameplay experiences that you may get with a conventional hookup.


In general, a PS4 can be connected without the use of an HDMI cable. Although an HDMI cable is a convenient way to connect your PS4 to your television, However, when using remote play, utilizing it without an HDMI cable is quite simple. Other methods, such as the use of converters, are also possible.

You must have a screen that supports HDMI in order for your PS4 to be recognized by the device to which you are connecting it in order to use the remote play feature.