Can You Connect AirPods to PC Without Bluetooth? (SOLVED!)

Can You Connect AirPods to PC Without Bluetooth

Connecting AirPods to a PC like an HP Pavilion 15 running Windows 10 can pose some challenges. For a start, the audio jack of the laptop is not designed to take in the flat pin, or in many cases 3/4 jacks may not be working properly, leaving you only listening to music through headphones with the microphone or Bluetooth Earphones, but what if you want to connect the new AirPods which are wireless and don’t have a built-in mic?

Can you connect AirPods to pc without Bluetooth?

In general, you can not connect AirPods to a PC without Bluetooth. To connect AirPods to any PC, you need a Bluetooth adapter to connect the wireless AirPods to any windows PC. USB Bluetooth adapters are the best way to connect Wireless Bluetooth devices to a laptop or a PC.

In 2012, Apple introduced its first wireless earphones, BeatsX which used a W1 chip hence had excellent battery life compared to other brands of wireless earphones with the same features. In 2016, Apple introduced its second-generation wireless earphones, AirPods which is the smallest wireless earphone in the market.

Airpods are designed to work with IOS devices and Macs but didn’t come with a Bluetooth chip hence they can only be connected to devices that have an “enhanced” Bluetooth mode.

If you wish to connect AirPods to a windows PC that doesn’t support the “enhanced” Bluetooth mode, you need a Bluetooth Adapter.

As long as the AirPods are connected to a Bluetooth device and then connected via USB they will work. The reason for this is that Apple who make the AirPods buds want to make sure those users who purchase their product can also load music onto it easily, so Apple provide a way for the AirPods to connect via USB and give you access to both your music library but also means that if you want to listen on a device like an HP Pavilion 15 (which doesn’t have Bluetooth then you can easily do it.

Can You Connect AirPods to PC Without Bluetooth
Apple AirPods

So, if you have been wondering if your Airpods can be connected to your PC without, the answer is yes. It is possible to connect the Airpods to your PC. Airpods are made for apple devices. However, that does not mean that you cannot connect them to your laptop or PC. They can also be connected to android devices. 

Airpods use wireless technology for connectivity. They also support the use of Siri voice assistants, however, this will only work if they are paired to Apple devices. To other PCs and Android devices, the voice assistant will not work. 

The following steps explain how you can connect your Airpods to your PC. 

Step 1: Make sure that your Airpods have some power in them. These Airpods should be placed in the charging case when you want to pair them to your device. 

Step 2: Open the charging case in which the Airpods are. You should not remove the headphones from the case. 

Step 3: The next step is to put these Airpods in pairing mode. You should click a button that is located on the charging case for up to 3 seconds. Once the light inside the charging case starts to blink wait, you should release the button. 

Step 4: Make sure that your PC’s Bluetooth is trained on. You can turn on the Bluetooth on your PC in your settings or via the system tray on the taskbar.

Once in your Bluetooth settings, you should go click on add Bluetooth or other devices. Wait for a few minutes while your PC searches for available devices. 

Step 5: If you see your Airpods appear after the search is done, you should click the option and connect the two to your PC. Once you have successfully connected them to your PC. A message will tell you that they have been successfully paired to your PC. You can now start using the Airpods to enjoy your audio.

What happens if there is a connection error?

Getting a connection error is sometimes very normal when it comes to pairing Bluetooth devices to your PC. In the case of Airpods, when you get a connection error, you should do the following:

  • Start by turning on and off the Bluetooth settings of your PC.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on again, forget the Airpods and try to reconnect them again.
  • Reconnecting them will involve following all those steps explained above.

To disconnect the Airpods from your PC, you should place them in the charging case and close the lid.

How do I reconnect Airpods that were already Paired?

It is possible that your Airpods were already paired to a device and you are having trouble with reconnecting them. 

If these Airpods were already connected to the device you are trying to connect, they will be connected the moment you remove them from the charging case. These are the steps that you can follow when you are in such a situation: 

  • Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth on your PC. Go to your Bluetooth settings or the system tray in order to turn on the Bluetooth
  • Step 2: Look for the Airpods in the Bluetooth and other devices section.
  • Step 3: Click the Airpods once found and reconnect them to your PC, an audio confirmation will tell you if they have been connected successfully. You can so see that on your PC.
  • Step 4: If you are still having trouble, try to place the Airpods in your charging case and close the rid, forget your headphones on your PC and restart the pairing process.

The Apple Airpods

We’ve talked about how you can pair and connect the Apple Airpods to your PC. Let’s look at what these can really offer. Apple Airpods have an amazing sound quality and are available for next-day delivery on They have an easy setup and pairing process. 

Pros and Cons of the Apple Airpods


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good sound performance
  • Easy to pair 


  • Do not have an online remote

Comfortability and Design

The Apple Airpods almost look like the Apple Earpods. However, the Apple Earpods are not wired. They look very good with their design. With their design, the microphone and the battery are housed in the stems. 

They have a comfortable design. They have a secure and comfortable fit in your ears. Even with intense running and workouts, the headphones will not fall off your ears. The downside in the design is that they don’t have silicone ear tips. 

These come with a charging case that is very portable. The case has a great design. In this case, you will find a port that you can use to charge it. Beneath the charging case, there is also a LED light. This might also help you to know what the Airpods battery status is. 

Sound Performance

The sound performance of these headphones is decent. They produce a bass that is warm, rich, and lively. The bass does not get very heavy. They have mids as well as trebles that are very well-balanced. 

The sound of these headphones is very good and energetic. They have a great sound stage which gives an impressive performance. 


The Airpods use Bluetooth. Pairing them to your device is an easy process and only involves very simple steps. To pair them to your device, make sure that your device is close to you, and the Bluetooth is turned on, then follow the steps that have been outlined. Connectivity is seamless and better on Apple devices. However, they work just fine on other devices like android and windows. 

Start by opening your settings in your device and then open the charging case to pair the Airpods to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and any other device. 

The Airpods however lacks a remote control. This becomes a challenge if you are not an iPhone or Apple device user since you will not be able to control using any buttons on the headphones. On Apple devices, you can control them through Siri.

They also have an amazing feature that will pause these headphones once you take out one of the earbuds. 

Battery and Charging Time

The battery is housed in the stems of those Airpods. Inside the stem, there is also a microphone. The battery life of these Airpods is 5 hours. To recharge them, you will have to use the charging case. The charging time is very short, about 2 hours.

The charging case can also be charged. It also keeps a lot of power and allows you to charge the Airpods up to 4 times. The charging case has a LED light that will glow in order to tell you the status of your headphones. Green shows that they are fully charged, while red shows that they are not very fully charged.  

Some tips to consider when facing problems with pairing your Airpods

Sometimes, pairing problems can be due to certain mistakes that you are making when pairing these Airpods to your devices. The following are some of the things that you need to avoid in order to solve the pairing problems.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is on. Before you connect the Airpods to your devices, first make sure that the Bluetooth on your device is on and that your Airpods are in. 
  • Check the connection.  You should check your device’s connection before you connect to your Airpods. These should not be connected to any other device in the same range. If these Airpods have been connected to any of your device that is in the range. Make sure that you turn them off so that they should not affect your connectivity.
  • Reset the connection when you are having problems with reconnecting. Resetting the connectivity allows you to start over the pairing process as can help to solve connectivity problems if your device is not connecting. 
  • Charge your Airpods. The Airpods should be charged before you connect them to your device. Sometimes the Airpods will fail to connect because they are not fully charged. Therefore, make sure to always charge them. 


Apple Airpods are a great pair of earbuds. To answer the main question in this article, Can You Connect AirPods to PC Without Bluetooth? Apple Airpods can be connected to a PC so long as it has Bluetooth support. These include all Apple Airpods, Airpods Pro 2 and 3, Airpods 3, Airpods 2, and Airpods Max. These also have a design that is amazing. These are very easy to pair. 

All you need to do is to follow a few steps. Pairing involves turning on your device, opening your charging case lid, and connecting them to your device. All the steps have been explained in this article. Although they work better on Apple devices.

However, they can be connected to android devices, windows, and many other devices. These have a well-balanced sound with a good amount of bass and it doesn’t sound too heavy. The design also gives your ears a comfortable fit. 

The downside of these Airpods is that they do not have an inline remote. Apple users use Siri in order to control the Airpods and this doesn’t work on non-apple devices. 

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