Must-have Best TV Service For Live TV Watching In RV Camper Van?

What Is The Best TV Service For RV Camper Van?

Are you on the market looking for best TV services for your RV Camper Van live TV watching?

Back in the day, watching live TV for those living in a camper van wasn’t as easy as it is today. Thanks to the growing RV cellular unlimited data and wifi, RV owners are spoiled of choice for the best TV services for RV campers. But, what is the best TV streaming service for live local TV watching for anyone with an RV?

The best way to watch live TV from local channels in an RV is to stream your television programs on a Roku streaming service app. With the rapid growth of cellular data and unlimited internet wifi for RV owners, it is pretty simple to watch local tv channels that you used to watch on cable.

How Does Watching Live Local TV Channels Work For RV Camper Van?

 To stream live tv in a camper van, you will need to first subscribe to a streaming service like Roku which provides free and premium streaming services from dozens of companies that are in recent years getting into the streaming game now and I can tell you that as an RV camper van enthusiast, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and all major cable companies you know are going to give you the best value for your money.

 And the good news is that Roku streaming opens up enormous ways you can save money with the freebies they have. So how do you find the free good stuff and what’s the best way to set yourself up with free live TV and local channels for life in your RV?

 There are plenty of options to getting your RV streaming live local tv channels and am going to break down all your best options for watching live TV and get those local channels you thought are only available on cable. Roku streaming sticks or the Roku TV gives you access to watch live tv on local channels such as CBS ABC or Fox for free. This opens up opportunities for RV owners to enjoy watching primetime shows, local news, and live sports free ad-supported options and a couple of inexpensive ways to get additional channels such as CNN Fox News ESPN completely legally.

The good news is that you can also use most of these tips both at home and in your RV camper van right away as long as you lay your hands on a Roku streaming stick and they should be useful to you for the years to come.

Needless to say that some of the tips and guides outlined here are gonna

require some extra equipment, but in most cases, chances are that everything

You’re going to need is already available in your home or RV camper.

For the majority of RV camper owners, getting over-the-air channels such

as CBS ABC NBC Fox and even PBS to your RV camper after installing a

Roku TV antenna makes a lot of sense especially if you have had cable TV or an expensive satellite subscription like DirecTV at home. 

With a TV antenna, you can get free local stations and a lot of sub-channels that you didn’t get it before. Adding these channels to your Roku is as simple as getting either a separate TV tuner or DVR to watch free over-the-air TV channels on your Roku. You will need to pick up an inexpensive DVR for your RV camper van, and a tablo DVR is a perfect choice for streaming the majority of over-the-air tv channels to every streaming device tablet, and smartphone in your RV with an option to also record whatever you want to.

How To Setup Tablo DVR For Your RV Camper Van.

For a novice, you would think that setting up a Tablo DVR for your RV is going to be complex, however, it’s actually as easy as just connecting few things into the back plug in the hard

drive to the USB port, then connect the TV antenna to the jack. The Tablo DVR comes with a power adapter you are going to plug it in and then you can either plug in an ethernet cord from

your router or you can use your RV Cellular wifi and an app from an Android smartphone to complete the setup process.

 Hard to believe you wouldn’t have a smartphone handy, but if you don’t have a smartphone on you, just hop on a PC to finish up with your RV TV channel scan. While you are at it,(the setup process) you’ll need to download the Tablo app to access up to 60 local tv stations on your Roku streaming stick. And for best RV streaming and live TV watching without stutters, I recommend these best RV TV antennas from the clear stream Eclipse. These are best for RV as they are the best indoor TV antennas. 

Still, if you have an outdoor RV mount-on TV antenna then use the free tool to figure out what kind of TV antenna you need to get as many as live TV channels as possible. For the majority of RV owners, an additional satellite signal booster will not be needed, but the rest of the areas you require getting one off Amazon.

The key here is to make sure that you check which channels you are targeting and utilize the TV Antenna signal tool checker by entering your zip code to see all broadcast towers in your area and how far you are located. 

For those going for a Roku streaming stick and an indoor UHF OR VHF antenna, to get quality free live TV in your RV, hit the view channels button for a list of channels that you should be able to get if you are using the streaming stick or own a Roku TV.

With these two options, you don’t need a Tablo for your RV. However, if you want to record shows, then I recommend plugging the TV antenna directly into the back of your television and scan for channels under settings. Smart TV sets with built-in Roku channels have a built-in channel guide, and the notable popular smart TVs with Roku includes the TCL smart TV model. 

Pluto TV (an ad-supported television)

 Pluto TV is pretty much the household name if not the leader in the realm of free live television that’s streamed online instead of through a cable cord or satellite feed. While most people access up to 250 Pluto’s live TV channels all year round, very few RV owners take advantage of Pluto TV streaming and a massive on-demand library of movies and older TV show series that once appeared on mainstream TV channels like  Animal Planet Discovery Channel Investigation Discovery.

 Though Pluto TV is widely enjoyed as a free service, the downside of this service is that it is sponsored via advertising that you see in your streams.So, the pros and cons for watching live tv in your RV for free is that you still have to watch commercials pretty much like with all other traditional cable TV services and you can’t skip through the commercials like you would with Youtube ads.

The other pro and con is that with Pluto tv installed in your RV camper, you better be willing to give up on traditional cable channels like NBC ESPN or HGTV as Pluto TV does not include all of these traditional channels. Still, for a free streaming service, you are getting a good return on your investment,with some really good few select channels you get on there its worth looking into getting your RV Camper kitted with a good digital tv antenna.

Why Get Your RV Camper Van Hooked With Antenna For Live TV Streams?

 A good RV digital antenna gives you access to live TV streams like Roku and Pluto TV which has its own local news section with a growing list of different channels. While live local news and sports may not look huge,these news on apps most live local TV newscasts are a huge resource for camping and they are so easy to add directly from the Roku channel store. If Roku and Pluto tv are not as exciting as cable, you will be glad to know that there are a couple of competitors to Pluto TV that may be of interest too.

You can enjoy live TV watching in your RV Camper and at home using Crackle, stirr. Xumofunny or die tvCunchyroll and Tubi TV which offer similar services to Pluto TV. Even better, if you dig around on Stirr App and Xumo you can rest assured that you will find some local streaming gems that might appeal to you without breaking the bank.

All things considered, Roku and Pluto TV has the best lineup of live TV channels and a huge movie library that’s worth getting on into your RV. Further digs through most of the best cable TV replacements you will find that option for free local channels for your RV are endless. As long as you take your time to look, hidden germs in the streaming underground like will surprise you with their live streams like ABC NBC CBS and PBS to Roku streaming sticks,computers and most of the major streaming devices. And all of these can be accessed anywhere you have locast coverage in the area.

This may not be traditional, but it’s a quick way to add local live TV to your RV camper as long as you have a Roku streaming stick or own a modern Roku enabled smart TV. With any of the two, you can get up to 22 local channels on locast app and easily add them to the three dozen channels on your TV depending on where you’re living.

Getting Started With Locast Streaming App.

To get Locast streaming app requires you to create a profile so you can begin to use its service all for free. Now, there are a few things to expect from once you sign up for their free live tv watching. As they are a not for profit organization broadcaster, you should expect to get few appeals for donations while watching and because of their non-profit status, it can be annoying. Still, for the savings you make, donating a few pennies is not bad afterall. Especially if you are one of the people who are sick of paying exorbitant prices from $149.99 to $200 a month for cable.

 There are still good reason to want to watch CNN Fox News or ESPN live on your RV and at home without the hefty price tag. As long as you have a Roku there are over half dozen live TV streaming services that offer huge channel lineups to replace your cable TV subscription. From what I know about getting affordable live TV into your RV, chances are that you just want the cheapest options out there for watching cable TV channels without hefty prices. 

There are best live TV streaming services like Sling TV which is one of the most affordable options around for live streaming television channels. I know that you probably have never thought about sling TV coming into your RV, but the reason why Sling TV is such a compelling offer for RV camper owners is how it let’s you pick a core bundle that gives you access to some of the most incredible live tv programming.

 With Sling Orange bundle gets you a little over 30 channels such as ESPN AMC and AAA for as little as $30 a month into your RV. But that’s not all, another core bundle from Sling Blue offers you about 47 channels. Sling TV’s Blue bundle offers FX, National Geographic channels and regional NBC sports networks . What I like the most about Sling blue bundle is the offer includes local NBC and Fox. This offer from Sling is best for any RV owner using their service in addition to a TV antenna.

The Sling Orange bundle is the best for anyone looking to watch live sports and news on ESPN as only on sling Orange is where you get ESPN and NFL Network.

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