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About Eoghan McFarren Lowe

About Eoghan McFarren Lowe

Eoghan Mc Farren Lowe is an avid tech geek who has always been passionate about technology and the ways it can help people live smarter lives.

As technology has advanced in recent years, Eoghan has been able to use his expertise to help others get their home smart and automate their everyday tasks.

His passion for technology drives him to keep learning and sharing his knowledge with others. He aspires to be a voice of reason in a rapidly evolving industry where even the most novice user can understand the possibilities that exist.

Eoghan runs the Gawky Geek editorial team with a focus on providing helpful guides to those looking to make their home smarter.

He understands that emerging technology can be a difficult concept to grasp, and he always puts his readers first when it comes to providing easy-to-follow tutorials and advice for home automation.

With Eoghan at the helm of Gawky Geek’s editorial team, you can trust that you are getting top quality information from an expert in the industry.

Eoghan is passionate about pushing the quality and trustworthiness of Gawky Geeks’ content to the highest standards. As he says: “Our quality is never compromised, our editorial standards are high, and every reader must benefit from what we do.”

With Eoghan at the helm, readers can be sure that they are getting trustworthy and relevant information from a reliable source. He leads by example and has set an inspiring standard for all of us to follow.

We are a trusted online technology resource hub for a reason. We like to think that it is not enough to just let users discuss highly specialized topics, ask questions, and share experiences.

Our main goal is to also allow consumers to connect with brands directly and provide feedback on the product or service to improve customer service and maintain consumer trust.

Our Editorial Process

At Gawky Geeks, we strive for only the highest quality of content. Our editorial team follows a strict process to ensure that all publications meet our standards of trust and accuracy.

First, writers must conduct extensive research on any topic they are covering, ensuring that all facts reported are accurate.

Second, we recommend affiliate products from trusted online shopping platforms like Amazon, Walmart or Target if applicable. We also make sure to disclose this information so readers are aware of our affiliate partnerships.

Third, we explicitly ensure that our recommendations and product reviews are not swayed by revenue or profit. Our commitment is always to our readers and ensuring they get the best possible advice and access to reliable products.

Finally, we recognize the importance of being an independent publisher –– always putting our customers first. With rigorous research and impartiality being at the forefront of our operations at Gawky Geeks, you can be sure that you are getting helpful guides from a reliable source!

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