Are Sound Bars Good For PCs?

Wondering if your Pc could use a sound upgrade? Listen, with PCs fast becoming a centerpiece for our daily lives, there’s no good reason to hold back from having a good set of surround sound systems. And Soundbars are a perfect fit for amping up your Pc’s sound system. But, are soundbars good for PCs?

Soundbars are the best computer sound system upgrade. They are portable, easy to set up with your PC, and clutter-free from your home office working station. For this reason, soundbars are an excellent sound system output for desktop personal computers. Especially with streaming audio and video services on the rise, PCs are being used for watching movies, listening to music, conducting meetings via Zoom and the list is endless.

Basically, a good Pc with excellent sound quality makes our lives very easy and almost everyone has got a pc or a laptop, thats how important they are.

Why Not Use Built-in Pc sound Speakers?

Sadly built-in speakers in modern pcs have suffered from the compact and slimmer design of the pc and laptop monitors.

No matter how advanced your pc is, the sound quality is not better than what you get when you hook up a Soundbar. 

Almost every pc i have come across suffers from lackster sounding speakers. You will either get a sound that’s really low or it’s randomly too loud and not very clear!

Who wouldn’t have a sound upgrade with such that?

So if you have been wondering why find a decent sound bars for a pc that has built-in speakers? Now you have a good reason to want to improve the sound of your pc entertainment system.

And sound bars are perfectly a good fit for PCs as your next recommended external speakers.

After all, if you have a small desk or if you prefer a minimalistic setup, soundbars are compact sound systems that will easily fit under the monitor providing you with a more tidy space free from cable management conundrum and enjoy a clutter free work station.

After spending countless hours of research and testing few setups over the months, 

I have found Taotronics Soundbar to work very well when on a budget as it is an affordable yet deliver premium feature-rich sound. 

I have also undergone a few upgrades and I will share with you everything I know about few  soundbars I have personally used, the advantages and disadvantages they come with,their benefits as well as the channels they provide.

Many sound bars are simply too big for a computer setup and thats because mainly sound bars are marketed for tvs and home entertainment setup but not to worry because there are some that can be used for pcs so i will also list down a few of those.

Do You Really Need A Sound Bar For PC Audio?

A sound bar also known as a media bar is an intricately type of loudspeaker that you need if your built-t speakers could use an upgrade. 

And, in most cases you are going to either project your pc audio from bookshelf sound speakers or use a Soundbar which is just a much wider sound enclosure with multiple speakers.

Apart from being different from the floor standing or bookshelf loudspeakers, I like the compact size, sleeker design and easy of installation that leaves your work station clutter-free. 

Soundbars are relatively much wider than it is tall. This design delivers huge benefits for Pc sound enthusiasts looking this for surround sound acoustics that can be perfectly mounted below or above their computer display monitor or under the workstation desk.

While PCs can also easily be hooked up to a home theater system and route your Pc sound through your wall-mounted speakers, I like the Soundbars a lot more than home theatres.

In a sound bar you will find multiple speakers placed in one cabinet,this in fact helps to create sound that is surround (though coming from one direction) as well as stereo effect.

Usually you will also find that a separate subwoofer is also included within or may just be used to supplement the sound bar.

Benefits Of A Soundbar

Sound bars are an all in one sound system that is meant to deliver high quality audio without taking a lot of space in your home as some external speakers would do.

Sound bars are very good for people who place an importance on cable management as well as home decoration as they can be placed right under the tv set and connected wirelessly via bluetooth.

Soundbars continue to grow in popularity in the last few years ever since they were first created, not only because they are stylish and ergonomically designed but also because they are budget-friendly compared to speakers and home theaters.

Now, there’s countless options and choices of quality Soundbars that are at your disposal today than there was in the past. So, knowing what you get from varying quality brands is key.

Types Of Soundbars

There are two different types of sound bars namely sound bars and sound bases,both come with speakers inside and their sole purpose is to make your tvs sound or pcs sound better or to have a clearer dialogue.

Sound bars or sound bases will make your dialogue richer, clearer and crispier,they will provide that cinematic sound.

Sound Bar Channels

2 channel sound bar– Hooking up a  2.1 sound bar to your Pc means you are connecting a soundbar that has two speakers and one subwoofer,usually a left and right channel. 

This setup works great for those just looking for a plugin and play quality sound system for their pc with no hassle like you would have when you hook up your PC to an audio-video receiver like the popular Yamaha RX.

Why 2.1 Soundbars Work Well For PCs?

The purpose of the extra speakers is not just to add some extra volume but it is instead to create a truer surround sound experience.

With this soundbar those two or more speakers will provide you with a clear left and right channel of audio,giving you a great building block for your sound system although it will not improve the listening experience in a meaningful way.

3 channel sound bar-The 3.1 channel soundbar has got a center channel,it comes with a separate speaker in the middle of it on top of its additional left and right end speakers.

This in fact provides much better dialogue as well as clarity to the sound as most of the dialog  or voices come from the speaker that is in the middle.

5 channel sound bar-A five channel sound bar comes with 5 speakers which is center,right,left and two rear speakers,these have been considered a home theater standard for almost 20 years now.

7 channel sound bar-This sound bar comes with 7 speakers,basically 7 channels is just the same as 5 channels only with a bonus.

If you split the surround and rear channel information in 4 channels, you will get 7 in total,this is the newest as well as best standard.

Are Sound Bars Good For Pc

Sound bars is the best way for pc quality sound output. Soundbars are so much better than most built-in monitor speakers with all things considered.

Whether you are watching tv,playing games or simply listening to music sound bars provide crystal clear tones that will engage you in whatever you are doing.

As i mentioned earlier sound bars are mainly marketed for TVs so most of them are not suitable for pcs, the more suitable ones are the ones you can place on the monitor or the ones that can be easily mounted just below your screen.

Many sound bars are too big for a computer setup and because of that it is very difficult to shop for  soundbars for computers.

The Best Soundbars For Pc

1.Dell ac511 Soundbar: This soundbar will make for a great sound system especially if you own an ultra-sharp monitor or a dell p series.

It measures 16 inches wide which is good because it will be suitable for pretty much all monitor sizes.

It comes wired with a usb port as well as a headphone port.This sound bar is very easy to set up as it does not require any software to get it up and running.

All you have to do is just connect to the usb port,it has a built in hook connector at the top for easy installation,this all makes for a cleaner desk.

2.Gogroove Sonaverse UBR:  If you want a low cost soundbar with a fairly decent sound quality then this is the best option for you,it is a wired sound system that comes with a usb connector for power.

It is very easy to use as you only have to plug and play,there is also no need to install a special program in order to get it up and running.

Compared to the one i listed above this one has got a very attractive design so if you are someone who likes stylish things then this is perfect for you,it features an angled design with non-slip feet and a subltle led light on its volume knob which doubles as a power switch.

3.Avantree Torpedo Plus: This is literally the easiest sound bar to set up with your pc,it is also exceptionally compact as it measures just under 11 inches wide.

This is perfect especially if you have got a small desk with no room for satelite speakers,you can easily mount it in front of the pc or behind it, even on top of the monitor if you wish so.

This sound bar packs 5 watt speakers and an internal battery that can last for over 6 hours on a single charge provided the volume is left under 70 percent.

4.Taotronics TT-sk025: This sound bar features a minimalistic frame ,it is 16 inches wide and will look great with a 24 inch or 27 inch monitor.

It comes with multiple input options, with one option being to connect using a analog cable and the other option being to use bluetooth.It is very affordable but yet one of the best for its price range.

At less than 3 inches tall this soundbar will easily sit under your monitor if of course the monitor is not lowered to the minimum height.

Sound Bar Pros And Cons


  • A sound bar is very easy to setup
  • There is a little wiring to be done and can be done just by anyone
  • It is compact
  • The sound bar is a little less costly compared to the speakers
  • Sound bars require a lot less space in the house
  • Compared to pc speakers a soundbar offers better sound quality
  • Sound bars are self contained,so dont need a separate box to make it work


  • The sound bar does not give the best surround sound like that of speakers of a home theater system.
  • Sound bars are not as loud as speakers
  • A sound bar does not provide sound that has got depth
  • Sound bars usually cannot upgrade individual components or even add new surround formats
  • sound bars have got some limited features compared to a receiver
  • Spending some more money will not necessarily improve the sound quality thus soundbars can only be so big without having to block the pc.

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