Altec Lansing Super Lifejacket

Altec Lansing Super Lifejacket

The super lifejacket is a powerful speaker with an impressive audio performance. The speaker is wireless and uses Bluetooth connectivity. Its made from aluminum material and a rubber jacket that makes it a rugged design. The speaker is lightweight and compact. It is also a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with best battery life.

However, it will still deliver high and quality sounds. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lets you play music for up to 50 hours once it’s fully charged. In addition, the super lifejacket is IP68 waterproof making it even more durable. Finally, there are various colors options that you can choose from when buying this speaker.

With the super lifejacket, you have an option to connect other speakers to it to enhance your listening experience. If you are looking for the best portable speaker with long battery life, you are welcome to read about the Altec Lansing Super Lifejacket review. 


  • Battery: Rechargeable, 50 hours battery life, lithium-ion batteries
  • Charging: Qi wireless, USB ports 
  • Multiple pairing mode: House party pairing up to 50 speakers
  • LED: 5 LED lights with different color combinations
  • Rating: Everything Proof (Waterproof, shockproof, snow proof, and rustproof)
  • Hands-free functionality: Yes
  • Amplification: Active
  • Connectivity: Wireless, Wired
  • Controls: Volume, power, call answering
  • Powerbank function: USB charging
  • Connectivity Interface: Bluetooth, Near field communication (NFC)
  • Immersible: Yes, 3.3 ft maximum depth 
  • Connectors: mini audio 3.5mm, USB type A
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 12.1 x 4.6 inches
  • Voice assistant: Siri and Google voice assistant, via ask feature or voice control
Altec Lansing Super Lifejacket


The Altec Lansing super life jacket is a little more oversized than most speakers in its competition. However, this speaker also has a heavy weight of about 4.6 pounds. 

Behind the speaker, you will find a small port that covers two USB ports. So to charge your devices, all you have to do is plug in your cables.

This speaker also has a large footprint than most speakers, this can affect the speaker’s portability, but the handle allows you to carry the speaker anywhere with you. Its body has rubber material that makes the speaker durable and picks up dust a lot, but the good thing is that the speaker is completely waterproof, and therefore you can wash it whenever it gets dirty. 

On top of it are all the function buttons; they too are rubber made. A flap also covers the USB ports, aux input, and a DC port for the power cord. The USB port you will use to charge your smartphone or other mobile device is handy when traveling. It has large volume control buttons; however, they are only indicated by the + and – symbols. These are multifunction controls that are used to pair and unpair your devices. 

Battery Life 

The battery life of the super life jacket Bluetooth speaker is 50 hours on a single charge. Some factors that can affect the battery include listening to high volumes and connectivity usage, either wired or wireless.  

To charge the battery, you only need the Micro USB charging cable that comes with the speaker. Once on a charge, a red LED light illuminates to indicate its charging, and it takes between 4 to 5 hours to charge fully. 

Sound quality

Super lifejacket has two neodymium woofers as well as two 1.2 inch tweeters. These drivers ensure that the sound delivered is omnidirectional ( all directions and not specific directions). As a result, the sound quality is high and clear. 

Both sides of the speaker have drivers to ensure the sound is produced in all directions. As a result, the sound is impressive and well-balanced, the vocals are crisp clear, and the bass is powerful. It can also go loud without distorting, even at high volumes. Also, you can use the super life jacket to take calls by quickly switching from music listening to answering your calls. 

Features and details

Built-in Lithium-Ion battery: The super lifejacket boasts a lithium-ion battery. The battery is powerful and can last up to 50 hours once it’s fully charged. So the Altec Lansing super lifejacket is a perfect choice if you want a portable speaker with long battery life. 

IP68 certified: The super lifejacket can also be used at the pool, poolside, or beach. It is water-resistant and can also float in the pool because construction allows it to survive splashes, dust, sand, and shock. 

Multi pairing mode: With the super lifejacket, you can pair multiple devices; it connects to any device with Bluetooth connectivity.  

Wireless range: The wireless range is 100 ft; this is great for use outdoors and in the house, and you can still hear the speaker from a long distance.  

Lighting modes: The Altec Lansing super lifejacket has 5 LED light modes. These lights have different lighting modes, including illuminating a solid color, flashing, and syncing with your music.

Charging mobile phones: The speaker has built-in USB ports charging mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Just ask feature: The speaker can also let you use your voice assistants with the ask feature. This feature will allow you to summon your voice assistants like Google and Siri, depending on the device that you are using. Of course, for this to work, the voice assistants also need to be activated on your device. 

On-board microphone: The built-in microphone allows you to take calls hands-free and even at a distance. The microphone is accurate and with clarity. 

Ease of use: The Altec Lansing super life jacket has a simple setup process while connecting it to your devices. The pairing mode indicator shows you when the device is in pairing. It also makes use of NFC. 

Qi wireless charging: It does have Qi wireless charging for charging mobile devices. 


The overall performance of the super life jacket is exceptional. It performs well with the sound, features, and a blended design. An outstanding rich bass means you can enjoy listening to music with a super lifejacket. In addition, it has well-balanced trebles and midrange levels. 

The speaker also boasts features like the “Just Ask,” Qi wireless charging support, power bank functionality, and more. Despite its heavyweight, you can still carry it around with ease. It uses advanced Bluetooth technology with a long-distance wireless range. The 3.5mm port is for wired listening. 

Connectivity and pairing

To pair the Altec Lansing speaker to your device, use the following steps. 

  1. Press the power button for 3 to 5 seconds. The speaker then shows blue and white lights, which is the pairing mode. 
  2. Then, go to your Bluetooth manager on your device and select the speaker to connect. 
  3. A loud beep will tell you that the connection is successful. 

The “Just Ask” feature gets activated in two ways: using the button on the microphone and simply tapping it, or using voice control by first starting the assistants on your smartphone or mobile devices. 


The Altec Lansing Super Lifejacket is an excellent portable, rugged and waterproof speaker on a final verdict. It does have awe-inspiring sounds and boasts various features to make your listening experience unforgettable. If you are not satisfied with one speaker’s sound, the super lifejacket has an option to connect it to other speakers for a house party mode to help amplify the sound. By for, the is the top waterproof Bluetooth speaker with best battery life.

The lifejacket also has a charging pad that supports Qi wireless charging and USB charging ports to charge your devices. The battery life is impressive and allows you to stay connected for a long time. The speaker also comes in various colors that you can choose.

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