Altec Lansing Headphones Buying Guide

Altec Lansing Headphones Buying Guide

When choosing Altec Lansing headphones, most people tend to be confused about the features or specifications that are important. However, headphones are an essential accessory in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, choosing the right pair of headphones is necessary to improve your listening experience and ensure that you can use them even in crowded or noisy areas. Consequently, we have brought together all the essential Altec Lansing headphones buying guides on how you can choose the best Altec Lansing headphones. 

When buying Altec Lasing headphones, some of the features to keep in mind are portability, sound quality, design and comfort, wired or wireless, noise-canceling, waterproof, battery life, and microphone quality. Other important types of headphones to choose from include over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones.


Almost all headphones that are available on the market are portable. Some headphones are small and lightweight, whereas others may not be very lightweight. You will also find other headphones that you can easily fold for ready storage, making it easy for you to carry them.

Lightweight headphones tend to be more comfortable than bulkier ones. However, when it comes to sound quality, most heavyweight headphones are better than lighter ones. This is because large headphones usually contain larger drivers to drive the sound. 

Usually, you will choose headphones depending on your lifestyle. There are different reasons people may be looking for headphones, either for relaxing, working, or office use. When it comes to the size, you will get a size according to your preference.

Sound Quality

Before buying headphones, you need to know the sound quality that those headphones can produce. This allows you to choose headphones better suited for the kind of sound you are looking for in it. Then, you can try on the headphones before making a purchase. 

If you are buying your headphones online, make sure to check for reviews on the sound quality and know the return policies to see if you will exchange them for another model.  

Design and Comfort

When it comes to the design, you need to choose the one that suits what you want to use the headphones. Headphones come in different designs; there are over-ear models, in-ear models, and earbuds. 

The over-ear design is more suitable for casual listening in your home but not travel-friendly. Headphones that are smaller, lightweight, and more portable are ideal for traveling; however, the sound quality may not be that pleasing to some people. 

When it comes to the design, you also need to look at comfortability. You don’t want to use headphones that will cause discomfort after using them for an extended period. The headphones you choose should not make your ears, or head hurt and should not cause any fatigue. Therefore, go for headphones with an ergonomic design to give you comfort when using them, even for long hours. 

For traveling, you may need to consider getting noise cancellation headphones designed so that they can block out all the sounds in your environment.

Wired vs. Wireless

Headphones can have wired connectivity or wireless connectivity. Wired headphones usually have a cord that you will have to connect to your device to play sounds. On the other hand, wireless headphones make use of wireless technology such as Bluetooth for connectivity. 

Most wireless headphones also come with a cable used to connect them in case of low battery or where you want to save the battery. For example, Altec Lansing has wired headphones as well as wireless headphones.

The type of headphones you pick depends on what you want. Some headphones can be inserted into your ear canal, whereas others rest on your ear. There are also on-ear headphones as well as over-ear headphones. Some headphones’ designs are eyeglass friendly, while other headphones are not eyeglass friendly. 


This is an essential feature to consider when you are looking for headphones. Although some headphones have designs to isolate sounds, they have ear pads that help muffle out the noises. Thus, such headphones are passive noise-canceling headphones.

Some headphones use active noise-canceling technology. These headphones are battery-powered. They contain microphones that help to cancel out noises by monitoring noises and canceling them out. 

Altec Lansing Headphones Buying Guide
Altec Lansing Headphones Buying Guide

Types of headphones

Over-Ear Headphones

These headphones are available in two types. There are closed-back headphones models and an open-back headphones model. The closed-back model has sealed earcups, and they work better in reducing ambient noises and ensuring that sound does not leak. However, with these headphones, you may not be able to hear your phone ringing or the doorbell. 

On the contrary, the open-back headphones do not have sealed earcups. Instead, their earcups are open, which helps to give you an audio performance that is more clear and natural. But unfortunately, they are also not good at isolating noises. 

On-Ear headphones

On-ear headphones have a lighter design as compared to over-ear headphones. They go over your ears instead of pressing on the sides of your head. According to most reviews, these headphones are more comfortable compared to over-ear headphones. In addition, they will not cause fatigue even after extended usage.

The over-ear headphones are also available in closed back and open back designs. However, they differ from over-ear headphones because they are not capable of giving you a tight seal. 

In-Ear headphones

In-ear headphones are different from on-ear and over-ear headphones because they rest inside your ear canal. The most common category is earbuds. The headphone is a tight seal and is very good at keeping out background noises. These headphones will usually come with extra ear tips or canal tips in different sizes allowing you to choose the size that gives you a more secure fit. 


This is a significant feature to consider, especially if you are an athlete or too active. These headphones provide a lot of protection from harsh conditions such as rain. You can use such headphones for working out or doing other sports without worrying about damaging them. They will also give you an excellent performance.

What to know about audio before buying Altec Lansing headphones

When it comes to the audio in headphones, there are many things that you need to understand, especially if you want to get excellent headphones. 

Most headphones have Bluetooth codecs that help on transmitting Bluetooth media between two devices. Make sure to choose a codec with top audio quality and a stable connection.

The best Bluetooth codec for your setup is one that provides optimal audio quality and connection stability. For Apple users, it’s better to get wireless headphones that have AAC support and high-quality audio and ensure no lag.  

Microphone quality

Some headphones allow you to take calls as they have a microphone built-in, while other headphones do not have a built-in microphone. 

Therefore, you need a microphone that is of good quality. If you spend more time on conference calls, invest in headphones with a good microphone. Get headphones that allow you to take calls clearly and hear all the details correctly. 

Battery life 

The headphone battery life matters. Make sure to go for headphones that have longer battery life. Some headphones have up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, while others will give you battery life as low as 5 hours. Other headphones also have a quick charging feature which provides you with at least an hour of battery life after charging it for a few minutes. 

Care for your headphones

Once you have chosen your headphones, it is imperative to ensure they are still in perfect condition. You can use the following techniques:

  • Make sure to read the manual or the study guide before you start using your headphones. 
  • The headphones need to be stored in a clean environment and environment and should not be exposed to any harsh elements.
  • Make sure that you do not touch the buttons with wet hands, as this can easily damage them 
  • When cleaning headphones, make sure to use a clean cloth, and it should not be wet. 
  • Avoid bending the cables if you have wired headphones, as they can easily be damaged. 


To sum up, the Altec Lansing headphones company makes different headphones with all the features mentioned above and characteristics. In addition, the headphones are in various designs and types, including over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear headphones. Therefore, it is essential to look at certain factors before choosing the best headphones. Some of the elements you need to look at include sound quality, design, battery life, and comfortability.  

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