Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker: LifeJacket 3 Review

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker: LifeJacket 3 Review

Bluetooth speakers are one of the most sorts after speakers in the speaker market, not only because of the Bluetooth features but for versatility and ability to meet any speaker requirement. The Altec Lansing Lifejacket 3 Bluetooth speaker is one of those Bluetooth speakers that meet customer’s requirements. Many attributes make the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker a great speaker to have and the Lifejacket 3 is my choice. Lifejacket 3 is an “everything proof” speaker. This post will cover all there is to know about the Altec Lansing lifejacket 3 features, design, performance, pros and cons. Below are some key points that make Lifejacket 3 stand out.

The Altec Lansing life jacket 3 is equipped with so many great features like waterproof, dustproof as well as shockproof making it a great speaker for outdoors use. The battery lasts for 30 hours and can easily charge your mobile devices, it also comes with a universal mount and bracket so you can easily use it outdoors. The speaker has an impressive strong sound quality that is right for any occasion, with digital processing technology that helps in controlling its audio performance. This blog post breaks down everything you need to know about the Altec Lansing lifejacket 3. 

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker LifeJacket 3 Design

The speaker is 4.7 inches tall, has a width of 8.6, and has a depth of 4.2 inches. The speaker comes in colors such as blue, dark grey, teal, or red highlights. There is also a small version of this speaker called the mini life jacket 3 which comes at a much lower price than the big one. 

The main difference between the mini lifejacket 3 and the life jacket 3 speakers is the size, mini lifejacket 3 also has smaller drivers compared to the ones used in the lifejacket 3. Everything else, the design as well as the build quality and features are identical.

The lifejacket 3 is waterproof and rated IP67, this means it can be immersed up to 1 meter in water which allows it to float.

The lifejacket has grilles on the front and behind the speaker, there are two neodymium drivers that are 2 inches in size and a passive bass radiator. The speaker has a very durable design which ensures that it’s able to withstand harsh elements.

The controls are found on the speaker’s top panel, this includes a power button which is also used to play or pause the sound. To power it on or off, you hold the button in. This same button can also be used for answering as well as ending calls. In addition to that, tapping the button twice will summon a voice assistant. In order to change the tracks, you tap on the – / + buttons. 

The plus and the minus buttons are is used to adjust the volume, you have to tap them to navigate through tracks by holding the buttons in. Tracks can easily be skipped when you are adjusting the volume, therefore, you need to pay close attention when changing the volume so that you don’t accidentally skip tracks. 

The lifejacket 3 can also be paired with another lifejacket 3 speakers, you can pair it with up to three devices which allows you to listen to sounds and also take calls. The speaker also supports NFC pairing and will work with any devices that are compatible. 

On the backside of the speaker, there is a panel that houses the Micro USB port, 3.5mm audio input, and USB port. The panel has a compartment that can be shut in order to protect these ports. The micro UDB port is used for charging and come with a micro USB cable and an aux cable. 

The USB port can be used to charge your mobile devices. It also comes with a mounting system. There is a hole on the bottom of the panel that is used to connect the mount. 

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker LifeJacket 3 Battery Life

The Altec Lansing has a long battery life of up to 30 hours, how long your battery lasts will depend on many factors including whether they are connected via a wireless or wired connection. The volume level also determines how long the battery can last. If played at higher lower volumes, the battery will last more than when it’s played at high volumes. 

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker LifeJacket 3 Performance

Altec Lansing lifejacket 3 uses digital signal processing. This technology is there in order to prevent distortion when the volume is high. The lifejacket 3 performs very well on tracks that have a bass, it produces very clean sounds. Believe me, when I say it has a clear sound, it means it is a really clear sound that can get really loud with rich bass and well-focused mids. Using the Altec Lansing lifejacket 3 Bluetooth speaker is very easy and powering on the speaker is an easy process. 

Once the the speaker is successfully powered on, it is ready to pair with other Bluetooth devices. The speaker is compatible with almost any device. like a smartphone, tablet, laptop device, and any other device that has Bluetooth support. 

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker LifeJacket 3 Sound Quality

The Altec Lansing has an impressive sound quality. It is covered in grilles at both the backside and on the front, behind this grilles are drivers that produce good sounds. 

This speaker can get very loud even when the sound is a little high, it will still produce sounds that are clear and detailed. At very loud volumes, the bass starts distorting but the distortion is not that noticeable. The sound produced also depends on the kind of music genres that you are listening to. 

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker LifeJacket 3 Call quality

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker LifeJacket 3 speaker has a microphone built-in which allows me to take calls when my phone is connected to the speaker, surprisingly the calls are very clear. 

Then whoever is on the other side of the call can also hear me loud and clear. The Bluetooth range is wide and up to 100 feet, this is a very wide range for a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to listen to music even when your device is that far away. 

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker Life Jacket 3 Ports and Controls

As I stated already, the speaker controls are located on the top panel, and basically, it has a multifunction button I can easily use to power the speaker, take calls, and pause/play the music. This button is also used to pair the speaker to your devices. The ports of this speaker are located at the back, these ports are water protected with a rubber cap is on them. The speaker is charged through a micro USB port

There is also a 3.5mm aux jack which allows me to listen through wired connectivity when I run out of battery or want to save battery life. The USB port on the back of the speaker can be used to charge other devices such as smartphones. 

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker LifeJacket 3 Design Specifications

Below is a list of all the specifications of the Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
  • Floats in water
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Built-in Speakerphone
  • 100 feet wireless range
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Built-in power bank
  • Universal mount and bracket
  • True Wireless connection

Lifejacket 3 Features

Power Bank: Lifejacket 3 can be used as a power bank in order to charge any devices using a USB port at the back of the speaker. You can use this port in order to charge your devices like your smartphone, tablet and more. 

Battery life: The battery life of this speaker can last up to 30 hours of listening time unlike the lifejacket 2 that last only 16 hours. The battery is also affected by the volume and if you use it to charge any of your devices. 

Bluetooth range: The speaker has a very wide wireless range of up to 100 feet, this allows you to listen from long distance without worrying about the device distorting. 

Multi-speaker connectivity: This speaker allows you to connect up to three other lifejackets 3 speakers. You can therefore enjoy music from all three devices. 

Waterproof design and float: Lifejacket 3 is waterproof and can also float and immersible up to 1 meter in water making it a great speaker for use outdoors. 

Mount attachment: The speaker comes with a mounting accessory that allows you to mount to the speaker a better listening. It also comes with an AC adapter, a Micro USB cable, manual, a 3.5mm aux cable as well as warranty information about the speaker. 

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker LifeJacket 3 Pros and Cons


  • Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof
  • Good and long-lasting battery life
  • Can be used to charge your mobile devices
  • Supports use of voice controls
  • Has the ability to float on water
  • Can get very loud
  • Good sound quality


  • Controls can be a little bit confusing


The Altec Lansing lifejacket 3 comes at a price of around $149, with great sound performance, and designed to float on the water making it a great use outdoor portable speaker. It is equipped with accessories like a mounting kit, durable and excellent battery life. The downside is that the performance of the sound can start to lower when the speaker is at a very high volume. The lifejacket 3 is worth the price because of all the features it has to offer and a great choice if you are looking for an outdoor speaker with excellent features. 

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