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About Gawky Geeks Blog

We created Gawky Geeks to answer your questions about everything to do with technology, audio cable connectivity, streaming, gaming guides, and more… 

Our fresh perspective on varying technologies speaks to a spectrum of ages, ability levels, and backgrounds. 

We value online security, ergonomic social and ecological sustainability and have a deep understanding of how technology can serve us – and when it doesn’t. 

Our articles and guides are written by industry experts and backed by in-depth research and analysis in all areas of technological know-how, and money-saving tips. 

At Gawky Geeks, we go beyond generalized consensus and easily-found tech guides and product specs to give you the most important facts to help you and your family manage a thriving technology knowledge base.

Our Technology Expertise

We’ve researched, tested and used amazing technologies of all kinds, from how to connect your home theatre sound systems with HDMI cables, how to make a dollar go a long way with smart technology shopping to how to stream your content using both free and premium technologies for best 4K quality content.

Our technology and data storage know-how also means we’ve had the opportunity to test, examine and compare a wide variety of technologies, and products for a million different uses. Our actual experiences inform our consumer advice, and we’re up on what’s new and current in the tech industry.

 In our rapidly changing world, I would argue that every home needs a tech preparedness resource that’s relevant to today’s lifestyles and concerns. After all, what worked for your mom may not be best for you today.

 And that is evidenced in how quickly technology in recent years has allowed ordinary folks like you and me to keep evolving with technology changes effortlessly.

We also know that tech evolution for a long time has been around for centuries long before social media streaming services and e-sports came to town. 

So, while embracing new ways of communication and entertainment, keep in mind that what’s new is not always better, so we’re not easily distracted by sparkly but useless gadgets. 

It seems like any tech appliance can be connected to Bluetooth, controlled via an app, or set to run itself. There are times where these features are highly valuable, but sometimes you’re just paying for complicated technology that you probably won’t use. 

Home security, wireless connectivity, and home automation are just a few of the many tech preparedness you and your goals for starting to prepare for unforeseen technical emergencies that could save you and your family from varying online risks or saving money.

We layout the planned way to achieve such goals, what software or tools are best for your needs in an easy-to-understand format, and give you a frank analysis of whether or not you should really care.

 Living smarter sometimes means saving your money and going for the classic version.

How We Support Gawky Geeks

Gawky Geeks is a reader-supported free resource hub. Instead of charging for our resources, we participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. 

On some of our published resource guides, we include Amazon links to many of the products we feature on our site. Every time you choose to click on one of those links and make a purchase on Amazon, we receive a small percentage of the purchase price in the form of a commission directly from Amazon. You can read more about The Amazon Affiliate Program here.

This is how we’re able to fund and support the work we do at Gawky Geeks so that we can bring you the best technology tips, guides, and product buying advice for consumers and remain a free and unbiased resource. 

Whether or not you choose to visit Amazon.com through our site, we will always provide free access to the resources on Gawky Geeks.